The Twitter Files – the unprecedented revelations of an enemy of the State, or the orchestrated distractions of a billionaire with extensive ties to government? Or worse still, the new Klaus Schwab? …I don’t like to pry.
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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. Idk why I'm still getting notifications about private videos from this channel? Some I see others say private. Is there something I can do to fix it or do I have to turn off all notifications so I don't waist my time trying to see videos that are private? Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. All governments are guilty of the highest crimes against the very people they swore to serve and protect to ensure a good way of life. All governments are guilty of genocides and should all be held accountable and face the people of the world not the same courts that support them and see that their crimes go unpunished!

  3. OLD NEWS! OLD NEWS! Jean-Pierre did you slip up and forget the word fake? Did you know this was real news this whole time? Because you and everyone in the news kept saying fake news. And we who believed and reposted it were a bunch of nut conspiracies crazy’s. How do you think that affects our mental health. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against all the banning and firing for reposting facts that you denied. About election and covid conspiracies/now facts. People’s lives were screwed by it.

  4. What a mature real view on things Russell..
    Being realistic and pragmatic in order to accomplish something is living in the reality of the world your in..
    In a world where that is excuse for everything's depraved immoral race to the bottom that is the highest honored proud principle..
    The system flushes everything one way..
    The only thing you can do sometimes is pick a floater..

    You don't stay alive long enough in this financial toilet to even try to get out if you don't dive in the first place.

    It's a bit of a paradox.

    You got to be nuts and corny to get dropped in the game..

    It's the fiber of life in this world ..
    Fiber is needed to stay alfoat.

    It's swim or get on the stinking boat our there..

    Great work as Always..

    There are some rumbles in the E.L.F. of this magic world that are hard to detect.
    When will the tremors of December turn to Quakes..

    Even if you are the few that can feel them. There is nothing you can say arrogance won't reject..

    How long will it take and who it will affect.. Well they haven't figured out how to know that yet..

    So just fake it till you make it or break it is is really the only true strategy these days..

    It's now turned into the pretend that it's a means to an end..

    Until it happens that's where it stays ..
    The man with an exit plan makes alot sense in that way..

    We will see and Whatever happens will be.
    But don't listen to me.
    I ain't no smart guy.. I just don't try and pretend

    Much ❤️ to you and your crew.

  5. “Suppression of the Hunter Biden story”

    You mean – “Republicans wanna see Hunters junk”

    It’s a joke…….barely a story.

    And your friend, the great journalist Matt Taibbi sold out his journalistic integrity to Musk.

    It’s the biggest non-story there is.

    It’s openly admitted that both the Trump administration and the Biden campaign were making censorship requests to Twitter that were honored.

    But Elon only wants you to see the Biden requests.

    It’s a very clear indication of how LITTLE the right wing are able to do, to stop their parties destruction.

  6. I keep hearing about the government funding the electric cars ,but they’re the main pusher in it and it’s not just for Tesla it’s for all the US car companies. Like Donald Trump says I’ve worked in the system. Of course I use the incentives, tax breaks and other loopholes.

  7. Yeah, Russel still isn't covering Balenciaga. At the very least a huge high fashion brand used sexualising children to sell their gear and msm ignored it. A document about child porn was left in a Baleciaga/Adidas ad and msm ignores it. Seems like Russel is ignoring it too. I'm sorry, but this man may very well be controlled opposition.

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