We need to talk about Balenciaga.

The media do not want to talk about this.

Written by Nigel Farage

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  1. It's right to be against those adverts I think, but it's not right to say 'people on the left' are all for it. What does that even mean??. You are using an extremely loose term that is casually used in political conversations, to make comment about some quite serious issues around child exploitation etc. There doesn't seem to be let's say a line I could immediately draw between Soviet Communism (classically considered the 'left' of politics??) and bad adverts about clothes. But I could be wrong so i would love to hear an answer to that.
    I say be more specific and there's more chance of actually tackling the actual problem.

  2. I did hear about this via another yt channel. What a surprise! It’s sick, twisted and perverse, putting it mildly. Once again Nigel’s right, we really need him back in politics and we need to unite, to have any chance of crushing this evil we’re surrounded by.

  3. Mark Zuckerberg allows child sex abuse videos on Facebook because he get a large income from it.. I have 100% proof but no one wants to investigate. The NSPCC told me that Facebook is a too big of a business to confront. Birminghan Child Care never replied to my emails as did so many others. they don't want to upset the platform they advertise on. It's all about making money and not actually protecting our children. Child help charities are all bullshit. The just want peoples money.

  4. Hitting the nail on the head Nigel, but in the respect that the lefties apparently are smarter and much, much better at making a case, whatever the case is, where the opposition, or conservative minded if you like, are frowning and moaning, complaining and groaning, but doing absolutely nothing in terms of taking any action. The lefties are minorities and yet they are allowed to be in charge of the controls.

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