We Spent 80 Billions on Ukraine in 1 Year vs 73 Billions on Afghanistan in 20 Years

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Taken from JRE #2021 w/Mike Baker

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  1. We need to stop talking about this like it's unintentional. They're arming the Taliban to justify the next Post-Ukraine war. We intentionally create global conflict for business purposes. It's an unending cycle of creating enemies, arming our enemies, and then sending our children to fight them. Our children are being fed to the MIC who are paying the politicians.

    That's it, end of conversation.

  2. We want to “help” Ukraine without telling NATO to back the f*ck off and also by squashing any peace treaty that Putin will agree to. It’s all a money grift and we the tax payers are getting screwed. When is the last time ANY other country used their citizens taxes to help the US?

  3. NATO has continued to expand eastward since the dissolution of the USSR and reunification of Germany. This violates the spirit of the negotiations and assurances to Gorbachev. We have provoked Russia ever since with our continued expansions and forward based on their doorstep.
    It would be more appropriate to revert back to the name “War Department” vs the modern version “Defense Department”. As a staunch patriotic conservative, this pains me to say, but it is the truth. We are addicted to war and since WWII, have yet to see one we didn’t like.

  4. I think a lot of what we've sent to Ukraine is stuff we were going to get rid of. The exceptions are Himars, Patriot System, some Abrams? Hummers, Bradley's, M113's we are getting rid of. A lot of the money going to Ukraine is going to the US to replace that stuff or train our own people. So how much is actually be "spent." I am sure it's a lot and I'm sure it's not sustainable but it's not as much as it is be told as.

  5. Why does Joe keep inviting those BStters to his show? Just a quick Google search and you'll find: "In the 20 years since September 11, 2001, the United States has spent more than $2 trillion on the war in Afghanistan". Where did you find these 73–74 billions? You can't even tell how much the US spent in Afghanistan. Joe Rogan, stop spreading disinformation with your channel. It's not a joke, you monkeys; from it depends people's lives!

  6. what we are spending in the Ukraine so far is a drop in the bucket to what we poured into Iraq and Afghanistan… don't get me wrong, I think we should take care of Americans first before sending any money overseas, but this guy is just quoting wrong figures to embellish some facts… he is misinformation, Joe needs to call him out…

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