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Senator Antic is right to raise the alarm over the WEF SMART cities initiative.

The infrastructure is being set up under the guise of safety and convenience but the end goal is control, loss of privacy, and the ability to implement a social credit system.

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  1. I want nothing to do with the world the unelected WEF are building and I try to live my life accordingly, BUT there are just so many sleepy sheep happy to wander down to the abattoir on their own.
    I truly believe there is not much hope left for us. We will be ruled by a few filthy rich and we will be reduced to nothing more than property to be used and disposed of once we are no longer of any use, sound familiar?

  2. When you cover your face with charcoal the camera cant pick up the shape of your face, but people will smash them down I would say once they realise it will be used to count carbon credits, probably has a smell detector and sensitive mic to register your farts as well, and listen in for that dissident chatter, bt n the end we will wake up to someone at the door saying it time we are here to help you with your government approved assisted suicide. šŸ˜Ž

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