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Welcome to Year 4 of the COVID Sh*t Show in Australia

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  1. Its taking so long, because the military are waiting for you to expose yourselves and commit the crimes youve been planning all along. 2023 will see the corrupt government take away bamk notes and force us into a digital system, including a digital identity,,,which will then link to a social credit score point system. They will also limit your bank account to $500. If your carbon footprint is too high you wont be allowed to buy food, drive your car, of much at all really….there are different levels for the commoners, the high earners,…and the elites (7-8million globally) the elites will not be subject to poison jabs and boosters but the rest of you will. Prepare now to get away from the cities, and fend for yourselves until there is military intervention!!

  2. There full of it alright they serve there corporate masters not the people , the people are just a means to an end chattel , slaves , the government doesn't want you interested in what they do talking about them or there lies , or thinking about anything important learning anything for that matter , as far as they are concerned you don't have any qualifications to be able to interpret therefore understand anything , law , politics that's for them to say how it's going to work or happen your role is just shut up and be compliant we say you do , it's not a people's government anymore it's a totalitarian dictatorship full surveillance techno take over where eventually every sector of society becomes the enemy of the state your every move watched or limited told what you can buy or own say anything and your taken away for orderly disposal I know many of you get the drift , it's the people who don't understand is why it's pulling everyone towards a point of no return .

The Bankrupt Business of 2022

The Bankrupt Business of 2022

Peace in Syria takes big step forward

Peace in Syria takes big step forward