West ADMITS Nordstream Bombing Coverup | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss new reports that the US and European allies are not convinced of the original story on who blew up the Nordstream pipeline as they stifle real investigations.

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  1. NO such thing as "good guys". Just same people playing the game a little better than the others. Thats it. Propoganda , censorship, corruption, greed, insanity, that all runs in the US. Just better at manipulation rather than force.

  2. Danish and Swedish seismologists have downgraded their estimate as to how big the explosions where. But maybe – they say – there where more explosion.
    A lot of the explosion they say, was not the C4 (or what ever was used) but from the pipeline itself bursting. Similar to gas cylinder exploding.
    They will present their finding and calculations in a few weeks at a seismology conference here in Europe.

  3. Can't take your opinion on Nordstream seriously after you recommended that Russia stooge Hersh's single sourced flawed explanation of the bombing, Krystal. Dude seriously thinks Bin Laden was held by Pakistan for five years and that the Novichok poisoning in the UK was a conspiracy to smear Russia. Your opinions on this whole war have been a joke from the start.

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