Editor for The Grayzone Max Blumenthal previews the upcoming summit of “BRICS” nations. #brics #globalization

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  1. What people don't understand is bricks is going to be able to operate within themselves quite comfortably. They're insulating themselves from the dollar system by not using it…. At all. This will increase inflation to dollar. Eventually the West will drown itself with those who sleep in the same bed with Lady Liberty.

  2. The American people have always felt "action not promotion " was the way of diplomacy the woke government has changed this and now forces countries to self-destroy their cultures! This is not what the American people want. This is not the interest of the American people!

  3. we the people know the Cold War is long over and Russia has the right to raise its own culture!! i know of no one killed by a Russian I do know that 100 thousand Americans have been murdered by fentenal form China sent to MEXICO MAND INTO COCLED PILLS and WALKED ACROSS THE OPEN BORDERS OF THE BIDEN ADMINSTRATION

  4. This is bad for the world’s people we all will see remember I told you so.we all need to analyzing and correct but shall not changed the system.we must stop all wars and stop all killing .more bad natural disaster, are coming fire storms hurricanes melting of ice )systems meltdowns for all countries new problems are coming very fast for every single country.

Myocarditis dont bother to report

Myocarditis, don’t bother to report

To everyone watching the debate theater tonight and thinking it's real life, I suggest you watch this documentary called Spin and wake the hell up already. It's raw satellite footage from the 90s where presidents, news anchors, pundits, and producers are being recorded through live feeds unknowingly. It shows you how everything really works behind the scenes. There is footage related to debates and how they manipulated and controlled. We're going to get sucked back into their demonic advertiser controlled media machine of red vs blue where they manipulate us for the next year up until the election (that they'll obviously steal again) and keep our eyes glued to their bullshit narratives and contrived content, while they use Mkultra and Mockingbird learned tactics to subjugate us into submission and eventually think and do things that are completely against our own interests. It's the same stupid shit every 4 years and I'm so tired of it. Can't do it anymore. (