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‘What a farce’: ABC attempts to defend its ‘stunning bias’

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says unbelievable scenes were seen today when ABC Managing Director David Anderson fronted politicians to defend the national broadcaster’s “stunning bias”.

“What a farce. Including an amazing admission about that ABC report that claimed a meeting of Alice Springs residents was full of white supremacists – turned out the reporter wasn’t even there,” he said.

Mr Bolt focused on three examples from Mr Anderson’s appearance at Senate Estimates on Tuesday that should make every Liberal and Nationals MPs realise the ABC is “out of control”.

“The rest of us should be alarmed and disgusted that our taxes are funding such a left-wing propaganda outfit,” Mr Bolt said.

“Mr Anderson, do you even listen to what your paid propagandists put to air?”

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  1. The fact that she was flown in because she "identifies" as aboriginal tells me the obvious. She didn't need to go to the meeting as she had already decided the content of her report, before she arrived. The content of that report was always going to be race-baiting. Why else would a non-indigenous, local ABC reporter not been writing the story instead? And lastly the fact that a non-indigenous reporter was deemed, not suitable to report on this, tells me this is straight-up racism from the ABC themselves to begin with.

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