What are We Doing to White People?

I talk about the rising tide of racial hatred against White people that some are refusing to acknowledge is happening. Six minutes of this sixteen minute video is a compilation of what people are saying about White people online. Take a look for yourself, and ask yourself: where is all of this going? We can take a peek into the future by examining what is going on in this cultural climate: segregation and hatred of White people, sanctioned by government and law. You can shout all you want that such policies are remedial in nature, but that does not make it so. It is not true that people of color don’t have the power to discriminate against White people. It’s just that we are taking advantage of our newfound cultural power and change in social dynamics to propagate this falsehood while engaging in active discrimination. The schoolyard bully often says “I’m not bullying you” as he does just that. We’re going backwards. “History doesn’t repeat but it often rhymes.”

Written by Charlie Cheon

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  1. I grew up in a very diverse area in a small southern town. There was no end to cultures for me to sample, and I had friends both young and old of all colors and economic backgrounds. My neighbors were a poor Jewish family, my first girlfriend was a middle class British girl, my best friend was a Spaniard from the ghetto, etc… I learned from a young age that people were separated by wealth and this was intentional. poor black families didn't operate any differently from poor white families such as mine. I was a kid that stole, broke into homes, and got into more fights than I can remember, started fires and had quite the mouth to boot. Meanwhile I had friends who were well-spoken, middle class or higher, formally educated and were much more mature and especially responsible than I. In my early teens I realized I liked guys and girls, my friends didn't care, but some other kids did and insulted me for it, so I beat them up and I never heard about it again.

    All this to say, I never "saw color" and rarely saw or faced any kind of prejudice. Years later, I'm terminally online due to moving around a lot and not having the chance to make friends IRL, and I get to see how many extremists there are, many who want to coddle black people specifically and use them to boost their narratives, self-proclaimed champions of black rights. These are the same people that want you to see color, and they'll be the first to tell you as such. Oddly enough there's two drastically different groups of racists I've seen online:

    1) People who will proudly admit that they're racist and have friends of different races that are also racist and don't care if you're another race as long as you're racist, which is sort of a joke but also very true.
    2) The previously mentioned people who treat black people like low intelligence incompetent dogs that need to be domesticated, that they need to protect and tell what to do and say, who will swear up and down that they aren't racist, and in fact you're the racist for treating them like every other person because slavery was bad.

    I'm proud of my heritage, my ancestors struggled immensely for hundreds of years living at the bottom of society and only the living generations ever got to taste success and an easier life which I didn't get to see until my dad managed to pull the family out of poverty when I was 15, but because of the color of my skin, "anti-racists" say it's simply a privilege bestowed upon me by the American Nazi government that I'm not in poverty anymore and I need to give them my hard earned cash to atone for some other white person's step parent's ancestor's supposed treatment of their slave 300 years ago.

    The only forms of racism I will ever accept is Asian people being racist to any other race or Indians being racist to each other because that shit is fucking hilarious to listen to.

  2. Thank you for creating this video. I'm a 41-year-old white Dutchman, living in Europe. The racial tensions aren't that strong in Europe as they are in North America. But we do get our fair share. I always decided to not pay too much attention to the toxic comments, but of course it's quite annoying to hear. As a child I already learnt to not discriminate and accept everyone irrespective the colour of their skin.

    Now there's a shift going on, one is more vocal about white people and certainly also about the 'angry white man'. This means I won't even attempt commencing a discussion with loads of people because I do not wish to be depreciated and minified because of my skin colour. This attitude is polarising us and polarisation has never solved any issue in earth's history. But I'm afraid that there are a number of people who do support the paradigm of "pay back time".

    Well, I'm 41 and I never made someone a slave. I'm also fairly sure my ancestors never made slaves, because I do know my family's history, and for over 450 years they were all poor simple labourers and farmers in the country side of present day Netherlands and Belgium. I'm sorry what happened back then and what white people have done, but I can't change the past.

  3. “Its almost like one’s language and phrases reflect one’s nature”
    If I made that point about a particular non-white race, comparing the things they talk about in their music, and even backed it up with the statistics regarding the portion of violent crime in america that people of that race are charged with, I would probably be banned from whatever platform I said that on. That fact that the things they say about white people without correlated fact, are seen as racist when talking about other races and including facts to back it up to some degree, is the easiest way to point out the issue.
    People spread hate with no reason towards white people, but even with some (however potentially invalid, as cops may be less willing to charge white people with the same violent crimes) reason behind it issues within the culture of other races cant even be talked about publicly. That is the most glaring symptom of this cultural trend.

  4. I watched this whole video waiting for the other foot to drop. I think it says a lot that I fully went in to this video expecting it to be a joke or you to suddenly denounce the original opinion you stated. Parts of me still don't want to agree with what you're saying, but at the same time, I know that I am afraid to even reveal myself online as a white person. Or go to certain places because I'm white. Any time I've said this to anyone, they look at me like I'm crazy or like they don't understand. Thank you for this video.

  5. It would be easy as a white person to just agree with you and just walk away. I am not going to do that. I am going to take it one step further. There is no country in the world that I know that has no jails. That means there are criminals in all countries. That means every race has criminals. To look only at the bad things white people have done in this world is turning a massive blind eye, because most people in this world aren't white (only about 15% white). Lets look at current times….China, CCP, oppressing the Uyghur population…..oppressing its own people……guess what, no CCP member is white………Kim Jong Un…..oppressor of all of North Korea…..brutal dictator…..not white……Middle East tyrants/ISIS/middle east terrorist organizations…..not white……African tyrants and terrorist organizations…….not white……Rafael Trujillo and Efrain Rios Montt and a continuing list of corrupt latin american leaders……not white… see, I am not pointing out all the corruption…..but what race is free? In modern times, westerners have the most power due to technological innovation and have had the greatest reach on this scale of bad I am talking about because of it, but that doesn't mean non white evil just disappears.

    Turn back the clock and we have Gengis Khan…..slaughterer or most of the known world. Barbary Coast pirates….mostly middle eastern who literally enslaved over a million white people. Japanese who made sport of beheading innocent Chinese and Filipinos in WWII. You see, at no point in history can you be absolutely free of evil. I am just mentioning leaders and organizations…….average people are not free from evil. Daily there is crime in this world from ordinary people from all races….hence jails. My point is this and it is simple…..there is no such thing as a "good" race or people. All do or have done things that are not good….be it on the global stage or in local areas. To point a finger at white people and say all the evil in the world originates from them is hilariously disregarding human nature and any other race in the world. All humans are capable or being racist because being racism is not a color it is a concept and an action.

    Keep up your vids bro…..these things need to be said in these dystopic times. These are common sense videos, but common sense doesn't seem to be common particularly for modern times.

  6. I've been saying to people that I knew would hear me out and actually understand where I was coming from that racism seems to be equalizing itself. And what I mean by that is that racism is mirroring itself. It balanced for a while, from the long past of racism against black people, to the opposite side of the spectrum, racism against white people. But it's just the beginning. I feel like this is something that will take new history to resolve itself. Hopefully then, after this series of waves of racism, we will be able to seek the equality in race that humanity needs.

  7. YouTube is removing likes from comments too. Not that they matter that much but I've had several comments with numerous upvotes, that slowly go down over time. You can't tell me people are coming back in here, finding my comment, having a change of heart and un-upvoting me. Google is anti white too.

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