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  1. Our military do not attack Australian civillians like police have been doing these past few years. This is called urban warfare training. Australia is involved as peacekeepers in many countries around the world and this is how our RAR soldiers get to train for these deployments. As a veteran, grunt, and a conservative i am appalled by those who use this type of training video in a bad light. These are our defenders and they are training to be the most useful they can be in many parts of the world to protect others. Just because the video was made in Australia means nothing, how else are they going to train? These people have been involved in keeping the freedoms we all enjoy for decades past. Show some respect or join the military yourself, if you have the intestinal fortitude.

  2. omg that the most disgusting thing l have ever seen ….if people were afraid of what our governments have planned they should be how brainwashed are these young men not see what they will be really asking them to do ….why isn't our military preparing for if we were invade Russia China anyone who eyes our country off ….instead they a training to take on Australian citizens the ones paying for them …without our taxes there would be no military..
    thank you you for reporting what we would never get to see…

    maybe you can look into the Victorian women who has been denied to go onto the heart transplant list because she is unvacinated…she was told that was a lifestyle choice and she made it …even though having a letter of exemption from the V …..
    and did we sign up to the WHO treaty or even a version of it ..

  3. The ADF is part of this as well with their Freemasonry infiltration over the decades with the Freemason police and the so-called Intelligence agencies.There needs to be state and national boycotts against the 50 odd corporations who were acting as proxies for this Belligerent Occupier and criminal cabal purporting and masquerading as de jure “government” to coerce consumers in their businesses with the QR code and signing in which is unlawful with all of the unlawful mandates by edict.

    Australians are NOT to OBEY unlawful mandates that conflict with the Commonwealth of Australia Act.

    This is just a reminder that the majority of Australians are oblivious and in addition we are under:

    • Usufructuary Military Rule

    • Under the Communist UN Trusteeship and Bankruptcy

    • Unlawful Quasi-Corporate-Titular-Government Political Parties

    • Unlawful and corrupt judicial system with the BAR

    • We are registered as CITIZENS in 1948 a CITIZENSHIP Act was slipped in which is a trap Australians are so unwilling to even go about the task of identifying the evil Freemasons in politics who are but one of our many enemies. This is basic 101 counter-intelligence and counter tactics. As they have been inside the gates for decades acting with impunity and have no regard for Australians as they have taken a Foreign Oath to Foreign Powers. They have infiltrated in the police, in the military and in the bureaucracy as well as legal advisors. Australians are oblivious that the Freemasons are in Sedition, Treason and Misprision of Treason and need to be served with Writs of Treason as well as Crimes against Humanity tried and hung for all the havoc, death and destruction of the Australian economy and the blatant unnecessary borrowing of money to keep Australia in debt. They will continue their sinister and nefarious agendas as there is much more to come! It is their debt not ours!

    Causal Links to Treason and Misprision of Treason

    Occultic Freemasonry Oaths in Public Office Australia

    Wait until the Communist 5G Social Credit System is installed and implemented with penalties and points, as it will be hundreds of times worse than what we have already been experiencing. The digital system will be like tokens or vouchers for specific items so if you run out of a specific digital token you will not cannot buy something else with it. It will be full control and containment surveillance of every single item purchased as well as banking surveillance.

    If Australians are so unwilling to STOP all of these unlawful Directives and Mandates that are unscientific, unwarranted and unhealthy which this Covid is simply a tool or instrument to utilise like the Pavlov Dog Conditioning Reflex to get Australians used to submitting to the mask wearing, social distancing QR code tracing and tracking for future and continuous submission of their own subjugation. What are the odds of taking back your country that you thought was yours?

  4. silly little boys playing soldier just dont realise when they take up fight against the people they will put there own families at serious risk, Australians have never lived through real terrorism like Northern Ireland, the real fight will not be head on, it will be after dark when someone wearing a balaclava stands over the edge of the bed with a big blade

Rage Against the War Machine Chickenhawks Go COMPLETELY Insane with

Rage Against the War Machine: Chickenhawks Go COMPLETELY Insane with Propaganda

Is the defence force gearing up to come after Australians

Is the defence force gearing up to come after Australians? 😳