What happens when you say things like this?

Clare Daly
Promoting security in the Middle East: Debate

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  1. Sadly nothing will happen. All the parasites have done is always done with impunity. Just one example Antony C Sutton wrote many books and one being "The Best Enemies Money Can Buy" that explained how Henry Kissinger was organising loans to Russia during the Vietnam War to supply North Vietnam with weapons. Kissinger subsequently got a Nobel peace prize for stopping the war. The world is insane. The dopey stupid gullible apathetic public in Victoria just voted Dick Ears Andrews back in. I'm over it, our kids will look back at todays Australian men as the gutless nobodys.

The Markets Believe Honest

The Markets Believe … Honest …!

Jimmy Dore Makes Sam Harris Rage Quit Twitter

Jimmy Dore Makes Sam Harris Rage Quit Twitter