What Is A “15 Minute City” & Why Are They Part Of “The Great Reset”? w/ Marc Morano – Ask Dr. Drew

“A car-free lifestyle is only possible for those whose profession and income permit it,” tweeted Marc Morano, in a quote from a recent New Statesman headline. Are fears over climate change being used as a tool for technocratic totalitarianism: a coordinated push for “15 minute cities” where individuals own nothing? ••「 CALL IN & LINKS: 」•• Marc Morano – a longtime critic of climate change policies – discusses environmentalism, medical tyranny, digital currency, and the Great Reset.

Marc Morano is the founder and executive editor of and the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” and “Green Fraud: Why The Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.” Follow him at and

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Written by Dr. Drew

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  1. Berx is a soldier not an evangelist. There's a difference. Also, you tend to conflate the terms evangelist and propagandist. Medical degrees don't automatically make someone fall in the former rather than the latter. By definition they would be more fitting categorized in the latter if the vetting of scientific claims is discouraged and the system the individual represents is promoted as being immutable and fixed.

  2. The wef who un will run everything by 2030. you really will own nothing and be happy. Unelected nobodies controlling everything we do. Canada is now commy and they are actively killing off the useless eaters, to save the planet. Schwab told you he had infiltrated Turdo's government openly.

  3. Bill Gates “stated goal” is Eugenics.
    His father Wm. Gates Sr. and Margaret Sanger set up Planned Parenthood.
    In 1994, William Gates Snr. would continue his eugenicist efforts by helping to establish the William H. Gates Foundation a new “philanthropic” brainchild.
    This time, the philanthropic group would collaborate with powerful United Nations organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.
    The organization is simply carrying on the Gates family legacy of attempting to dominate and control global systems, including those in technology, medicine, and now agriculture.
    Listen to agriculture activist Vandana Shiva.

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