Wheelchair bound Veteran offered Euthanasia – Canadian VA part 2

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A Canadian Forces veteran seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury was shocked when he was unexpectedly and casually offered medical assistance in dying by a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) employee. A V.A.C. service agent brought up medical assistance in dying, or MAID, unprompted in the conversation with the veteran and then made comments about having assisted a previous veteran in death.

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  1. OK so find out if she still doesn’t have a ramp what’s eight or 10 of us jump in the fucking trucks and drive up there and build her a ramp for chrissakes it’s not that hard her neighbors could’ve done it for her and her family oh people like us she doesn’t even know!
    Yep and in the constitution of Canada they are allowed to have guns but Justin Trudeau is just gonna wave his hand and take all their guns away not really they are all going to get pissed off!!!!!❤️‍🔥🇨🇦🇺🇸

  2. Yes, that is the best advice for all veterans keep all paperwork all letters!!!! My VA fun paperwork story…. While playing for my compensation, I received a letter in response to my service medical records. The letter stated dear veteran we are to inform you that your service medical records were destroyed in the fire in St. Louis in 1978 or 1979 in St. Louis. Well, those dates seem very odd for me so. So to get some clarification on the destruction of my service medical records at such a weird date for me. I am down to my local VA hospital to see what’s up. So while I am now at the VA in that uncomfortable chair with the ballistic glass separating myself and the veterans affair officer. I slide through the little crevice between the two my letter. The veteran service officer confirmed there was a fire in St. Louis destroyed many veterans service medical records. At that point I proceed to ask do you have my information on your little screen? What does it say is my date of birth? With that fresh mind F*^!@?& look on their face like when a PVT has their first shark attack.
    VA officer. You DOB says 1982 on my screen. I’m just curious how the hell my service medical records were destroyed in a fire in St. Louis in 1978-79??
    I just let everyone know the VA still hasn’t fix that records irregularity.

  3. I'm Canadian, and good Sir. Your enthusiasm in this topic is not only welcome but excepted in all its glory. Thank you to for not shitting on Canada its self but in its shitty management. Give your self a P.O.B. T which I do believe is available in your merch shop at an amazing deal.

  4. Lotta people in this comment section justifying that if something is legal (written law) its also moral. The assissted self delete option should NEVER be offered. Everything to assisst the individual in living should be offered. And if your going to say stuff that is written as law is also moral, bear in mind slavery was written as legal at one point, but i would think everybody knows this was not moral.

  5. Here's an idea. Get a bunch of US vets together to go up there and install the chairlift and make sure it's covered by as many media and social media outlets as possible.
    And make sure everyone knows that Trudeau is more concerned about covering up his We Charity scandal, blackface appearances, and general fuckery than taking care of their veterans.

    Oh, and AC, it's a French name, so it's pronounced Goat-ee-ay.

  6. that pretty much falls in line with my dealing with the v.a. took like 10 years of arguing with them and them repeatedly not giving a shit about looking at me before one doctor finally did in their emergcy room. finally after being in so much pain for so long, etc., i finally got the needed shots. another follow up appointment doctor did a test and said you have nerve damage, not a surprise. then another test showed i had a thyriod problem, same kind some of my relatives had and died from, i was told by several doctors there are a lot of things that could be dome, etc., but i'm not doing anything, good luck with that, etc. to date besides the occasional test they love doing, not one doctor has been willing to treat me or even discuss my condition with me at all, not a problem i guess i'll be cured when it kills me.i've tried getting my fake doctor to answer even basic questions and as it turned out "and not unexpected" she didn't know even basic stuff about it and of course following common practice at the v.a. blew me off.

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