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When being inclusive becomes exclusive – Senate Estimates 23.03.21

In a prior set of Estimates I asked SBS what kind of message does “Always was, Always will be” send to non-Aboriginal people.

Senator RENNICK: I have a question regarding the slogan that SBS and NITV use that says “Always was, always will be”. Do you think that sends an inclusive message to non-Indigenous Australians that the land they are on isn’t theirs?

Mr Taylor : Sorry, Senator, the question is: does the slogan “Always was, always will be” seek to exclude non-Indigenous Australians?

Senator RENNICK: Well, it may not seek to exclude, but the message that it sends is that it is excluding non-Indigenous Australians. Ultimately, people shouldn’t be judged on where they are from or what their ancestry is. This land belongs to all of us. Why is the SBS running a slogan that, to me, seems counterintuitive to inclusivity?

Mr Taylor : Well, I don’t think it is intended to be counter to inclusion, and nor do I believe it is counter to inclusion. We are proud to have NITV, the National Indigenous Television Service, part of the SBS family. It has been part of the SBS family for nine years now, I believe. It is a channel made by and for Indigenous Australians. It is a showcase of Indigenous production capacity and Indigenous storytelling creativity.

Senator RENNICK: That’s fine. I’ve got no problems with the channel. I have a problem with the slogan that, to me, is sending a message that somehow the land doesn’t belong to all Australians. That, to me, is what is the message is saying.

Mr Taylor : If that’s the case, I think it is intended to send the message that Indigenous Australians are the longest continuous culture on the planet and are the first custodians of this land on which we all live. I think it is important for—

Senator RENNICK: That’s fine, but that’s backwards going forwards.

CHAIR: Senator Rennick, please don’t talk over the witness.

Mr Taylor : Therefore, I think it is entirely appropriate for NITV to be proud about their slogan, which is “Always was, always will be Aboriginal land”. I think that is a very important statement of their role, their presence and their relevance in the Australian media landscape and the importance of acknowledging First Nations people.

Senator RENNICK: I disagree. To say that it always will be is just not sending out a very welcoming message to immigrants or non-Indigenous Australians who are born here. To me, it seems as though you are excluding them rather than including them. That is a statement. I will leave it at that.

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  1. It was not meant to be inclusive
    What did you want.
    “It was our land come take some more”
    That’s not inline with our values
    Who’s values are more important
    You do you on your channel
    The land dose not belong to all Australians ie native title cultural heritage sites. National parks Chinese owned islands and infrastructure, international mines roads and farms etc etc etc
    Oh that’s right ya haven’t got around to mining those particular sites yet. Quick history lesson those who came here was not of free will, those who resided here never gave it up freely. It was taken by coercion and turned into the gaol you see today can we remind you of that or is that against your values too. Suck it up princess
    In the words of a great comedian
    Ya can be offended “ nothing happens

  2. Absolutely correct. No matter how “they” beat around the bush it is a divisive racist statement that does absolutely nothing except send a clear political message that “this is not your country”. Well done SBS for doing your part to divide a society.

  3. The left are big on ideological tokens and slogans but weak on conviction and consistency. In saying that, I will nonetheless apologise to any leftwinger who, in believing in the plain meaning of this mantra i.e. that non-aboriginals are trespassers with no right to the land they possess, declare they are leaving Australia to return to the land of their ancestors.

  4. When an innocent man is dying in prison and the Senator creates a racist debate in parliament,
    When the question time would of best been used to free Julian Assange or expose the climate engineering assault in our skies,
    This is gross negligence and if Julian Assange dies in custody it will be another case of Manslaughter.

  5. The senator does have a valid point. But, i dont think the indigenous saying always was always will be is wrong either.
    Are we here, in Australia because of terra nullius? Those 2 words that make our claim invalid? Where do we stand with that? Legally? In the worlds check books for how to claim a country?
    I dont rightly know?!

  6. These lefty bureaucrats are hopeless, incompetent and divisive, and they are just there to collect their taxpayer's wage. They are a waste of space and I, like many other people, disagree with their ridiculous woke, virtue signalling policies. This is my land as well as everyone else's land. This is one Australia – not a land of apartheid! And by the way, what is this talk of first nations people? Wow, trying to rewrite history as well!!!

  7. Thank you so much for this Renick, from a "Leftie". On the Politcal Compass Test i am Slightly Libertarian & medium Left.
    But it's my own crowd that have become increasingly racist & hierachical ("right wing" if using the terms in the historically correct way). Also sycophantic & self-hating. And i don't like it at all, but in my view it's like they think it makes them look cool or wise so they don't care about having Principles.

    It is racist & exclusionary politics, and inappropriate for any Publicly Funded Broadcaster. I believe all Australians should vote for the ABC CEO & board.
    Thank you mate!!

  8. All land on Earth is taken and claimed usually by force and this is why boarder lines are normally drawn in red. So I would say there is absolutely no guarantee that this land will remain Aboriginal. Stating that the First Nations people are the oldest race on the planet is just arrogant, there is no proof and never will be…..

  9. You know, inclusive as in "We are one and from all the lands on earth we come" and not, we were first, you are second, third, fourth and fifth.
    Could we also clarify whether nationhood is a good thing or a bad thing, specially where nationhood is somehow defined along the lines of racial identity. I thought we had cleared that up after WW2, but there does seem to be some confusion re-emerging with this newfangled First Nation thing now frantically being pushed all day on the ABC. One could quite easily come to the conclusion that the predominant narrative being peddled in Australia is that Australia is made up of First Nations, Multicultural communities and racists who for some bizarre reason are always portrayed as white and crazier still, male.
    Joking aside, I am a huge supporter of multiculturalism. and I do think that ancestry is an important part of what we call nationhood. The "All white people are racist" assumption I do find not only problematic, but actually, a little bit… well, racist frankly..

  10. Australia is becoming apartheid. National parks owned by all is being given to the indigenous Australian who are excluding all other Australian from entering. This exclusion is also against female Indigenous.
    How is this ok.
    The indigenous have exclusive free hospitals paid for by the Australian people but the general population is excluded from their use.
    What are they creating? Who is running the study on its effectiveness.

  11. what if there was a "Colonial TV", would that be ok.
    What about colonial football teams.
    Im sure that would go down well

    The (so called) leaders of this country talk about inclusiveness but all this does is keep a division, But i guess that is the best way to control a population, keep them divvied so they never unite and see who the real villain's are

  12. this assertion that the Aboriginals generationally were first footers here is rather arrogant . How and why were they first ? What Families of other humans were displaced by their appearance? No one knows . At least We agree on this. Now, in order to move on with Life and Living it's time for more to decide the importance of cultural preservation. Not bluddy billions in handouts to be spent like a Man with no arms. ( some will understand this statement) but those with a genuine hope to preserve. My decendants were raped and pillaged by Northmen and Romans , Norman's and so on. Should We all claim from governments ( Taxpayers) for crimes of the long ago past ? It's time to genuinely work with the broken communities and those who want to face the hard decisions. The option is too hell in a hand basket . five years from now without change and all We will have is a new rich minority with hundredsof uni students writing papers in colonial tyranny and genocidal holocaust by Your Great Grandparents! The Children of fifty and twenty years past are mostly beyond help but there is a human desire in them to see their Children prosper. A pocket full of dollars and greased entry into college and university is not the answer. Common bluddy sense dictates that ! Stop blaming ! My Children and Grandchildren ARE ABORIGINALS ! Present day Nationals of this land. Them and their Mates , Black , Brown and bluddy Khaki are being taught in school to be apologetic and feel personal guilt for atrocities against relatives of present day decendants of Aborigines from the seventeen hundreds right up to the present day! Speak out against the present factual racism and leave the Children alone! Along with many I am sick and tired now of the suggestive rhetoric around responsibility for recompense over actions not of Our doing. Stop the rot now ! Speak up and discuss this with Family to see exactly where We all stand . The sideline racists will buckle and the hardline will stop talking to You. At least You will know where they stand. " Always was and will be Our chance to understand! " Stephen 🦘

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