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When China has more rights than your country…

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Written by Clown Planet

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  1. China is monitoring how many bears you drink watching you from cameras all over the place…if you smoke cannabis they may even execute you…none else is there yet, get lost…ow and they are not communists, sorry american capitalists you cannot use em as a failed example of communism

  2. They gave up their guns and are now sheep going to the slaughter. It’s ironic that the media, Sky News and a very few others excluded, fed the citizens of Australia government gobbledegook throughout the virus. Gobbledegook that ended up killing people, destroying children’s psyche by making the response totalitarian, jackbooted thugs sent out to arrest people on their property…remember the pregnant woman being roughed up in her own home…and are only now crying foul. By the way, Justin Trudeau is operating out of the exact same playbook. Anyone from Canada reading this Post please don’t let this would be dictator take your guns.

  3. Australian secret agencies obsessed with "right wing white nationalist" groups composed primarily of federal and state undercover agents but this clown who is an avowed communist is left to unilaterally sign agreements with communist china, fly the chinese flag in victoria, and plunge victoria into the worst debt in history. Nothing is by accident people.

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