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When the Narrative Collapses live on air. QandA, Mark Butler, Anthony Dillon, George Hamilton

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  1. The voice isn't about helping indigenous Australian; it's just another way to undermine democracy eve more. This is what they're aiming for. The narrative is only a front; they just want to pummel us with it; deviations are a threat. They're just waiting for him to shut up so they can exclude him next time.🤔

  2. What a top bloke, just cutting right through all the victimhood, the lies, the hidden agendas, the crap. Well done sir. "What I've just said we all know" precisely. The problem is the clowns in charge of the circus 🎪 in Canberra are NOT listening. Not one bit of recognition of this guys wisdom on the entire ABC panel. What a classic!

  3. They were using the New Zealand model with a statement of the heart that was plagiarised from an african document :(. It was advisory only in NZ. After 12 years the high courts ruled it binding, then there was water and land rights, then maori's getting vaccines first etc, can appeal legislation. It becomes a one country two peoples. They want to divide us on politics, wokeness, climate, gender anything that can cause division so we fight each other and not focus on the corrupt government that is no longer working in the interests of those they should be serving. They are working for big corporations and elites not the people.

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