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When you purge your police force…

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  1. Any SANE Australian's want to start our own country in NT? Desalination plant's, pump from The Bright, terraform the land, law and order without police brutality (bad cops get bashed by the community). Free market economy. Gun rights. Who's with me??!!

    Lmao, Australia: The country with the heaviest clown make-up.
    Give us our guns back and then we can tell these granny bashing rat's to shove it.

    Don't back to blue, bash the blue (figuratively speaking).

  2. those radar ear holes should be stinging and tingling. Oppression alert, this is how the migrant issue in Britain started. First is was First responder emergency personnel and then other so called essential workers etc. Now it's anyone who want to come here as long as they are Moslem they get a bye.

  3. imagine taking a peoples right to protect themselves and take away their guns then, give those guns to foreigners with the rights to use lethal force. un fucking real. its just like getting a government handout, you could just take less money from me but no you have to take it off me then give it back how you like it.

  4. how about the government stays out of police business like they are suppose to…..stop turning against the people the police are suppose to serve … bring in foreigners and just watch it turn to sh*t…..another great government idea… the f*ck do we get these dump arses …..strap the lot and just start again

Was it something I said TransRage

Was it something I said? 🤣 🤡 #TransRage

2500 Foreign Police Officers Headed to Australia

2500 Foreign Police Officers Headed to Australia.