Who Is The Bigger Fool?

The latest edition of our finance and property news digest with a distinctively Australian flavour. We look at the action on the markets, the $80 trillion-dollar black hole in the financial system, and why Oil is so weak. All ahead of the FED next week who are expected to push rates higher – as recession risks grow.


0:00 Start
0:15 Introduction
1:35 Stronger PPI
5:10 US Markets
6:18 Oil and Contango
9:09 Gold
9:30 Europe And Credit Suisse
13:05 Asia
14:39 Australia
18:40 Short Sellers Exit
20:20 Crypto
21: 55 $80 Tr Black Hole
27:00 Summary And Close

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  1. The Uk parliamentary inquiry into covid spoke of The Sage Group that advised the government on the steps it needed to take to get public compliance for covid measures.

    It can be seen in the oracle films a second opinion.

    They make use of the term NUDGE.

    How do central bankers remain positive without being glass half full but not glass half empty when CONFIDENCE is everything?



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