Who Really Owns the Federal Reserve

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In the year 1910, a secret meeting between some of the world’s most powerful private men took place on the secluded island of Jekyll Island. This is where the idea and the plan to form the Federal Reserve were hatched. This meeting was so secretive that they did not even admit this meeting happened until the 1930s.

Now, given the fact that today the Federal Reserve is number one, the most powerful economic decision maker in the world, number two is not a company. Number three is not a federal agency either. And number four is not accountable to either shareholders or to voters.

It leaves the inner workings of the Federal Reserve shrouded in mystery and suspicion. So, let us find the underlying cause of this. What is the Federal Reserve and who really owns it?

0:00 Introduction
0:55 The Opposition to Central Banking
5:33 The Creation of the Federal Reserve
6:30 The Control and Accountability of the Federal Reserve
7:32 The Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy and the FOMC
12:33 Organizational Structure
14:06 The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet and Interest Rates
15:48 Can Congress End the Federal Reserve?

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  1. Well Thomas Jefferson did say that the tree of Liberty is watered with the blood of tyrants and the blood of patriots I'm not saying go out and do anything stupid but a remember what the Minutemen did the tyrants they threw the bums out remember what price did to the money changes he took a bull whip and whip them out of the Temple so these creatures have come back to earth doing the same things that they've been doing since Babylon five thousand years ago it's time to get rid of these people for good get rid of their power and those that have committed treason well we already know what the Constitution says about treasonous

  2. I remember that same Thomas Jefferson was not a saint you can tell by going to Mount Vernon and the estate was built by the hands of slaves he inherited from his father-in-law and had babies with the half-sister of his wife which was a slave talk about a man that has some skeletons in the Closet during the Enlightenment and understood that Banks were demons to begin with he did come from Europe after all and see how the moneychangers corrupted Europe and therefore a sign basically a death warrant known if the Declaration of Independence to break free of their demonic influence a while that same president the third president United States enshrouded the Second Amendment so that we would continue to be able to bear and keep arms against all enemies foreign and domestic do I have to give the devil his due he was a flawed individual that tried to do good things and it's Ryan those ideas in the Constitution and let the history books right about his legacy The Good the Bad and the Ugly and let history be a testament to his strengths and weaknesses after all without him we wouldn't have the United States of America

  3. Of course there is the conspiracy theory that JP Morgan (titanic owner) sank the ship to get rid of several wealthy men (John Aster, Isador Strauss & Benjamin Guggenheim ) opposed to the Federal Reserve. Killed in 1912 so the FRB could be established in 1913.. Fact checked as false, however the fact checkers have nothing to refute the conspiracy and given that many conspiracies have been proven to be true, this one might also be.

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