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Written by Clown Planet

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  1. When I see this crap I'll normally make urgent contact with Canadian North (airlines) to check for cancellations, so that I can get my ass out of Dodge and as far as I can away from these crowds. People who've lost all self respect, dignity, and recognition that they have a duty as a contributing member of humanity to seek and to encourage higher values and goals. And that this will require long term personal dedication and effort.

    The individuals acting like this need to have a "come to Jesus" revelation. That each of them need to start acting like stable, mature and dignified adults possessing self control, not feral farm animals. That behaving as a contributing member of society will improve their lives, the lives of their families, their neighbours, their communities, and nations.

    (An interesting sociology study I recall from 2 or 3 decades ago showed that the best predictor of an individual's future success is their ability to delay personal gratitude in the present.)

  2. Klown Planet example today !!!! Just had surgery 4 days ago, go in for physical assessment.
    Physician assessing me says, hey even though your both entire arms, shoulder and back are deemed 100% unusable. and you have to damaged fingers on R hand.
    I noticed you can use you left hand so im ASSESSING IT AS USABLE. 1LB WEIGHT LIMIT.

  3. Minority Report.

    So if I, as a generally spacially conscious and aware person, clock a number of CCTV cameras, Fire Exits, people around me and reach into my breast jacket pocket, say for my phone or check how much change I’ve got in my wallet, I can expect to be ‘pounced’ on by Security for a crime I haven’t yet committed and had no intent ti commit. Concerning times!

  4. The predictive AI smart surveillance is part integral to the smart city initiative. They’ll have you believe that everything really is within 15 mins walk, and have society locked into zones. If you protest- if you leave your zone without authorisation- AI and biometrics will identify you, fine you, and automatically deduct central bank digital currency from your account along with a hefty social credit score deduction.

  5. the problem isn't not having AI, the problem is the government. why am i not surprised the final footage is straight from Chicago? Thank you, Loser Lightfoot. That total trashb*sh should never have been near any function but picking up garbage. her vile nastyness would even infect flipping burgers at Mickey D's with her likely spitting in it if the customer isn't black and lesbian. And her 'example' set an 'example' for the entire nation. And let's not get started with the Mayor of New York. Or do i really need mentioning Fetter(wo)man?
    with proper leadership, you won't have this.

    we all know this, so why is this happening? thanks for asking, i'll tell you why.

    because the BIG BIG BIG tech companies WANT this, because it gets them FILTHY LOADED RICH. They've been doing the same as Big Pharma when that started out. Under the veil of help to mankind. Look what Pharma has done. Now look at Tech companies. First they give you useful tech (like office, games, etc.), then they copied big pharma and became big tech (think about security, facebook, google) and now they're in full control.

    How? by placing incompetent people. that's exactly what big pharma did too. it cost them billions and billions and billions and YEARS to set up. but here we are. please don't tell me you think it's a coincidence that guys like Bill Gates are buddies with Big Pharma and 'running' and part of things like meetings like that of the G8.

    Make a delibirate mess of things, pay people to riot, then bring the solution for a problem that wasn't there without you.

    Please, look up Mission Impossible 2.

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