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Who’s going to keep the lights on?

The government continues to push reliable coal fired power out of the grid and push unreliable wind and solar in. Yet no one in Labor will take responsibility for the lights going out when they push it too far.

One Nation believes in cheap reliable electricity for Australia so families don’t have to choose between the power bill and their kids school shoes.

Written by Malcolm Roberts

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  1. They waffle and back track and mumble unintelligible claptrap, rather than answer a direct and quite simple question! All of a sudden it's 'procedural problems' and 'not fair' and blah, blah blah! What's not fair, is that they are not giving the Australian people answers about the shortfall of energy supply, or the amelioration of massive power bill hikes!

  2. These hearings are a joke. Every time I listen to these clowns (not senator Roberts) they sound like smarmy 13 year olds only calmer. It never seems to be 'in their purview' or 'not what our department does'. These people are not our brightest or our best. They are not even any good at dodging questions convincingly.

  3. Australia: lots of gas…not allowed to use it
    Australia: lots of coal…not allowed to use it
    China…no gas..burn Australia's gas
    China…not much coal…burn Australia's
    The people running this country need to be locked up for treason against the Australian people
    They are too busy following the dictates of the global elite

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