Why are organizations banning words? (from Livestream #157)

“Field” is a harmful word now

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #157 (originally streamed live on Jan 14, 2023):


Michigan’s Health and Human Services getting rid of the field:

What is this a clip from?
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  1. We must change the name of cotton to "soft fiber producing shrub" to protect the descendents of slaves. We also need to change the name of strawberries, lettuce, and other crops so as not to offend the descendents of immigrant farm workers. Come to think of it, all words must be changed, lest someone associate a word with something they believe happened to themselves or their ancestors. We have got to build our tower of Babbel.

  2. I work for a class 1 railway. They banned the word 'Trainmaster' because of the master part. Yet I'm a yardmaster and that job title is fine and I say it everyday. It's weird.

    They also renamed our tramp train said it wasn't inclusive despite not having anything to with any specific gender or person.

    I've only seen less female railroaders since

  3. Heather, it might be more general, as in those (of any color, freedom status) who work out in the fields, or in the factories, with their bodies are to be less respected. Blue collar workers, rednecks, farmer’s tan, these are the ideas that come. Either way they can kiss my backside. I am done using the crazy vocabulary they come up with to weaponize communication, and I will continue to use whatever words I want. Self censorship is killing our society.

  4. 17:10 This statement about things "sucking" is offensive to gay men and women who work in the sex trades. You cannot use the word "suck" anymore. You can't use "stink" to replace it, as that would offend those with certain foot problems, body odor issues, or who don't shower or bath and wash their clothes regularly. You must replace those words with "anti-good". Now you have received the memo. You're welcome.

  5. Would it be disrespectful or counter to community guidelines to say:
    ENOUGH OF THIS DAMNED INSANITY!! Time to run anyone pushing nonsense like this out of wherever the hell they are! That will only happen when people of common sense IMMEDIATELY meet CRAP like this head-on with an appropriate amount of emotional resistance. Appropriate would be enough to make the IDIOT proposing the nonsense think twice about proposing such nonsense again. That will differ from idiot to idiot and the resistors will need to determine the resistance necessary for the particular situation. That could be anything from menacing looks from the common sense folks to quietly rising up and escorting the idiot out of the room – uh – make that the BUILDING! Come on people! Let's STOP allowing the "fundamental transformation" of our society to continue and restore free speech.
    When some damned LANGUAGE COP tries to tell us how or how not to speak, run their ass out of town!
    This is all I have to say on the matter.

  6. I was wondering about the conundrum of how we might try to constructively re-label titles of art objects that were made during other eras than ours, those times endowed with and composed of different sensibilities and intellectual fashions. For instance, what is to become of the inspirational film concerned with the fulfillment of imagination called "Field of Dreams," so as to make it less evocative (in contemporary paranoid parlance) of oppressive social habits like slavery?

    And all I could come up with was "Corn-rows of Dreams."

    While superficially it screams "schismatic racial overtone," worthy of a chuckle, at least the terms mainstream acculturation and the hair-fashion in implies comes from an age of minority racial empowerment, when racial apartheid was increasingly unfashionable, rap was reverse-assimilating (infiltrating) into mainstream culture, when NWA was on the radio and Chuck D made pop music inspiring and dangerous,… for instance, just prior to the financial innovation of now-ubiquitous and fully-IRA-integrated For-Profit Prisons. (See Catherine Austin-Fitts' memoirs for details of that history.) Yes, if you own stock in a mutual fund, I'll bet you your own legacy's DNA data that you own fractions of slaves already… at least as much as you're unwittingly invested in whatever fashionable war CNN is convincing you to believe in.

    Remember when the critique of racial segregation was constructively broken down using themes such as "prejudice" and "intolerance" to combat superficial ignorance and uniform, systemic bigotry?

    I think we can all agree (s/) that things are so much easier and more just now that our dominant system actually PRESCRIBES the automatic pre-judging of all individuals by the most superficial criteria (like skin color) and by expressly PRESCRIBING intolerance based on the most banal projections of fear incorporating whatever fashionable ideas that the HR/PR hydra can projectile vomit into full born policy. [Oh, you're white? You must be entirely blind to the social dynamics that shape the world.]

    The most hilarious part about USC (or any state university system) dictating such Orwellian innovations as "field-shaming" is that these are institutions (them fully integrated with statist bureaucracies) whose primary business model – aside from being real-estate and endowment rackets – is in actually manufacturing DEBT-SLAVES out of the raw material of eager students, euphemistically branding them as "graduates" for promissory tribute. No wonder they don't want us to use the word "Field." They don't want us to consider the analogy that they are today's professional slavers. "Stakeholder Capitalism" anyone?

    Not to mention, in all probability, and consciously or not, these orgs expressly do not want us thinking about "field theory," too, so that we remain blind to the emergent cosmological and technological paradigm which will be the vehicle of our enslavement. This implies that they are only taking orders from their DOD overlords to begin with, ie. robot slaves.

    I suppose the implication therefore is: if I can't evoke "The Field-something-or-other" in mixed company, that this also means I can no longer use the term "The House-something-or-other" anymore either, to describe the mentality of our intellectual counterparts. (I use the term intellectual superficially.) 'Tis a shame, too, cus it'd be a pithy spot-on-the-nose curse and mere analogy that might make the daft fools even remotely self-aware… were only we allowed to think it… or speak it out loud… without hurting their stupid, unprincipled, un-self-aware, weaponized feelings.

  7. I’d like to say this latest decree certainly came “straight out of left field”. But nothing these global communists do is very surprising. Divide, demoralise, delude it’s all par for the course. A good Civil Rights Lawyer would have a field day defending the American Citizens Constitutionally guaranteed Right to free speech!