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Why Australia is a paradise for foreign investors


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Written by The West Report

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  1. apparently, having consumed the neo-liberal kool-aid, we are not entitled to fiscal or genuine industry policy… what we get is Friedman's 'markets', oligopolies, duopolies, cartels abound. All of which are scams. We aren't entitled to money laundering laws, an ASIC that does its' job, decent progressive taxation laws.. we are told by Kerry Stokes and Rupert Murdoch to fear this and _fear that_.
    We do what we are told and as citizens, learn little and know less.

  2. So, Iā€™m guessing that the Foreign Investment Review Board has no power when it comes to corporate takeovers.
    Kinda like foreign investment by stealth?
    Firstly, in order to get any legislation through that impedes foreign takeovers, we need to outlaw corporate lobbyists in Canberra, and then increase the power of the FIRB.
    We are already living in a corporatocracy. Something has to be done.

  3. Just remember everybody privatisation, deregulation and the great sell off of Australian companies began under bob hawke and the state labor governments in the 80s. Don't worry I am not a lib supporter, That war criminal john howard must be the worst PM we have ever had.
    I remember Australia, when it still existed

  4. Are government charges disclosed as part of inflation calcs? Local government rates are going through the roof. It's getting a bit rich when Govt is saying that they care about cost of living when Govt is first in line when it comes to increasing fees and charges. It's the non-discretionary stuff…fees, charges, levies, rates what ever you want to call it when Govt wants to put their hand in your pocket. Insurance is another one. It's not responsible to do without but there is clearly little in the way of effective competition.

  5. Excellent content. There are real parallels with the UK re: gutting. While corporations go about their business globally, feeding on the human herd, we go about our daily lives like sheep. Meanwhile politicians who are corporate proxies in "democratic" countries present the facade of free will and choice to the electorate. We are sheep. Well, we might as well be. Having said that, individuals preoccupied with day to day hand to mouth living, against corporations with orders of magnitude more resources, hanker on to the proxies for help, while they are being sold down the river. Its a fait a complis as the French would say.

  6. Was thinking today about all the things we have and love…the NDIS, medicare, aged care unis, schools, roads, hospitals, etc. With our small population, perhaps we cant have everything we want and need, but we could if everybody paid tax…you know who I mean. The corporates, oligarchs, millionaires, billionaires….etc. If that bunch of filth pulled their weight, ndis, aged care, social housing could all be easily funded, and it would stop the parasites attacking our working class super. Super is for retirement. Fuck off and leave it alone.

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