Why China’s Collapse Should Scare The Hell Out Of You

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Written by Rebel Capitalist

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  1. It is so confusing to me that while China's economy is so weak and even maybe in a depression, that at the same time we keep hearing about how China is positioned to "take over the World" militarily. Can they both be true at the same time? (Please be kind LOL. I am a self-admitted ignorant person who is only recently paying attention to how the World works)

  2. 😂😂😂😂 two days ago I said stop bashing the Fed. Watch CHINA 😊😊😊 THANKS for the shallow dive. We dont have any banking ties. But I respectful disagree at the 20 min mark “China won't start a war with any other country” remember George 😊 China has youth unemployment at least 20% 😱 Trump Threatened China sanctions and Biden made them law. Just like Russia, China will divert chaos and blame USA. And maybe attack TAIWAN

  3. George! If you remember correctly, I was the first one to tell you to be concerned about Covid. You were about the only youtuber that listened. Everybody else laughed. Greg mannarino told me I was an idiot and it was a nothing burger. Well Greg?For years I have not commented on your videos. I will now! You sir are dead right. Be concerned, be very concerned. My business deals with China regularly . I get the information unfiltered. It’s bad, it’s getting really bad. It’s your black swan!

  4. Chinese people are self sufficient. They live in the country and grow rice and raise pigs and can feed themselves and won't starve. They only travel to the city to work in factories for extra money to buy luxuries, to "feel" like they are part of the modern world.

  5. China is dumping dollars & you are following the MSM who are sticking their heads in the sand & trying to hide & distract from this. China's aim is to make the Yuan the world's main reserve currency. In doing so, if the Yuan appreciates & dollar depreciates, their own public (middle & lower classes) can buy more of their own goods reducing China's dependence on the U.S. The U.S. public in turn will be in pain by not being able to buy cheap Chinese products any longer. That is a win/win for China.😥

  6. China is so censored that I don't believe half the stuff that comes out of China. They will never give you the truth. I have a good friend who moved here a few years ago from China and ask her often about stories I hear and she says most of what we hear in the Western world is false when it comes to what is really happening there.

  7. Lei,s Real Talk is also a great channel to have insights into the Chinese affairs, yes her video,s a re a bit lenghty but she explains a lot on financial and political trubbles within china. That is why i think it is more than just real estate with excess homes in double digit miljons the expersion Letting It Rot under the chinese population no longer to work hard as your money gets stolen by the goverment and compagny,s leaving china at breathtaking speed with foreign investment dropping even harder than real estate. In this enviroment the ability to pay of debt is close to impossible so lets just hope the major investment groups like blackrock did not have a lot of eggs in this basket because than you would not brake some eggs but possible all of them

  8. Maybe im not thinking deep enough…but if my neighborhood home value dropped 10% id be looking to buy more. And prices would be returning to a norm. Or id stay put… continue to work and know prices would eventually stablize. Whats the big deal here… markets have ups and downs. What am I missing?

  9. Well wait a minute, and I agree totally with you btw. if you say they locked everyone in their homes for three years, and that of course would create a depression. OK. Yet didn't China report 3-5% growth during that time as well? Uh, huh. You think that has any possibility of being true? Do think there is any possibility that they are currently growing at 4-5% currently? Now people will understand what China is truly built entirely on, as All Communist countries are, Propaganda. Their No.1 tool for all things. Unfortunately, America does some of this too, Today, whcih in turn helps Chinese Propaganda. I mean the Left is the Left anywhere in the world, so they scratch each others backs, to the detriment of it's citizens. Why do you think China fakes their numbers? Because they don't want all the aweful Media, because that is of utmost importance to them, right? So therefore, that is why we don't have Big Media covering this story with one drop of Accuracy. Only outlets like yourself say the things you say, which is true. Anyway, none of it can change the facts of what will then occur.

  10. To me, "the civilization of iron and clay" in the book of Daniel ( in context ) not only seems aptly monikered, it's obvious why. Many strange visions describing these days are also quite apparent. Even the creepy ones I didn't think were possible in America; but I watched it start in the 60's.

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