Why doesn’t ASIO want to investigate the origins of Covid 28.11.22

Last week I asked ASIO if they were intending to investigate the origins of Covid-19.

I also asked at what point does gain of function research become a bio-terrorism risk.

Unfortunately, ASIO was not interested in pursuing the first question or addressing the second question.

Not only does the government not want to address these issues but it appears they actually want to cover up the details of any gain of function research in Australia. As the Australian reports:

“Health Minister Mark Butler has invoked a claim of public interest immunity to block the release of researchers’ names and institutions associated with 17 commonwealth-funded gain-of-function research projects that increase the virulence of viruses in a laboratory.”

I think this is disgraceful. Even if they didn’t want to release names of the individuals, they could have released details of the research, what institutions were doing it and who was funding them.

Special thanks to Senator Matthew Canavan for lodging the FOI.

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  1. more and more everyday you show us just how irresponsible our governments have been and still are , considering the billions of dollars of taxpayer funds used to combat the virus and treatments within healthcare as well as vaccines, lockdowns and the affected industries and the people it has affected too , and they don't think it's important to look into things, says a lot.

  2. Thank you Senator.
    I must say, the extent of these people's ignorance knows no bounds. Unless it happens to fit directly into their little pigeonhole, they-know-nothing. Even when it is under their purview, they can never answer a question without taking it on notice.
    What you're doing is the best thing: expose them and let people see how our country is being run. I think all bureaucrats names should be out as public knowledge. Too many of them are making decisions that directly affect people, and they are unelected and very partisan, which they're expressly required not to be.

  3. Gain of function uses humanised mice so you can expect the virus to be better adapted to the haplotype of the individual who donated their stem cells to create those mice. This is potentially a significant lead as there are only so many suppliers of such mice. If you look at the deaths per capita for covid, and exclude Peru, you see a swath of eastern Europe most affected with the foci around Romania, so why would a virus that naturally jumped to humans in China be so much better adapted to killing people on the other side of the world. And you can confirm the genetic haplotype correlation by looking at the map of Europe showing the distribution of those markers in the populations there. If this sounds like a plausible hypothesis, and you can't find evidence of anyone investigating that then you do have reason to be concerned about the lack of interest in pursuing this matter.

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