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Why is CASA changing the cardiac health guidelines for pilots?

In my questioning of CASA they have always denied that jab mandates introduced any kind of risks to pilots in the cockpit. Mysteriously however, changes have been made to cardiac ranges, we’re waiting for more information on exactly what those changes were.

I’m not satisfied CASA is doing it’s due diligence, that it’s Medical Officers are properly dedicated to the job or that they are actually looking after pilots. I’ll share more of the details on my website when my questions on notice are answered.

Written by Malcolm Roberts

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  1. These people are so incompetent and arrogant, I cannot wait till everyone of them spend the rest of their time behind bars, including judges, doctors, parliamentarians. All of them that ignored the real time evidence and mass of alarm bells going off on this ridiculous excuse of a vaccine and allowed it to continue to be rolled out, especially into the bodies of the poor innocent children, spend the rest of their time behind bars….

  2. Interesting how myself and my many friends who refused the vaccine mandates are all extremely healthy, no evidence of ā€œlong covidā€ and how thousands of once healthy individuals including athletes are dropping dead in huge numbers in their 20ā€™s 30s, 40ā€™s and 50ā€™s of cardiac issues with apparently no prior history! Really interesting. Thank you senator for seeking accountability šŸ™šŸ½

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