Why the US Debt Spiral Can’t Keep Growing for Much Longer

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The national debt you know that hockey-stick-looking chart that goes up and to the right extremely aggressively? It is currently sitting at 31 trillion USD. Most people would admit that the pace at which our national debt is accumulating and the pace at which the expenses for the United States are increasing is unsustainable. But nobody seems to want to do anything about it.

Which begs the question exactly how unsustainable is this really? Because if this were something that was going to spell financial disaster within the next 1 to 2 years, then you would expect that there would be something somebody would be trying to do about it.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 The Federal Budget
3:00 Rising Interest Rates and Debt
8:10 Where is this Unsustainable Debt Spiral Headed
8:56 Biggest Holders of US Treasury Debt Lending Less
11:32 Federal Reserve Buys all US Debt
13:43 Outright Default
15:57 How to Protect Yourself

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  1. Federal pensions may be the biggest unfunded liability they have. Nobody in government has any incentive to care they’re destroying the country, because their salaries and pensions have automatic inflation adjustments. Even if the government causes hyperinflation to pay its debts and burns the private sector to ash it’s no skin off their nose.

  2. All the "mandatory" spending consists only of different kinds of theft.

    If the government didn't run a deficit, it would be impossible for the monetary system to stay stable. This is because there is always (by design) more debt than money. If the monetary supply were to continue increasing without the FED/government pushing new money in, the only way this could possibly happen would be if the reserve ratios at banks continuously went down. Not saying that the deficits are a good thing, but saying that we just need to not run a deficit is ignorant. We need a totally new monetary system.

  3. Need to get the people who shouldn't be on SS income.. Off of SS. The abuse of that system is likely a huge number.
    Also need to run it like a business and look at how many people the government employs. Example, do we need 80K more IRS Agents to maybe collect a few million more in tax revenue? Paying Billions in new salaries to make Millions seems wrong.

  4. At this point in time there is simply no stopping the train. The momentum is too strong and the systemic cultural dependence on welfare is too embeded within the population. This is not simply a financial problem, it is a political one at it's core. It has an inevitability that cannot be avoided whilst in a political structure that allows for non net contributors to vote. It's fundamentally embedded in human nature that there will be more net consumers than net producers. This in itself is not an issue for a sustainable system. The issue arises when the net consumers ( Welfare, govt spending, bureaucrats etc) are given political influence. How you solve this issue I don't have the answers for but the first step along the path is to identify that a significant majority of the general population is corrupted and politics are downstream of culture, not yhe other way around. It's a very uncomfortable truth in an age where tolerance is of greater importance than long time survival of the system but it is the truth none the less. Quote, Aaron Cappy "there are only producers and parasites"

  5. The US is like that friend you lent money to but you're too scared to ask him to pay you back because he's big, he's got a lot of guns, and he has friends with a lot of guns. Also, he keeps asking for more money and no one is brave enough to call him out on not paying his debts.

  6. I think there is a fourth outcome (to inflation/default/austerity), albeit one that simply postpones; formal Revaluation of Sovereign Gold reserves. That with option 3 above could avoid the other two and leave USA & Western World with a chair to sit on when the music stops!

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