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Why trans activism has turned violent | The spiked podcast

Tom Slater, Inaya Folarin Iman and Fraser Myers discuss trans extremism from Auckland to Nashville, the idiocy of Humza Yousaf and the madness of Net Zero.

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  1. Yes, trans activism is a modern men's sexual rights movement and they do not like it when women say NO. I've never seen anything like this in the west. It reminds me a bit of some of the treatment of women in other parts of the world. What's scary is the escalating violence by the men and the increase of public death threats. I believe these men will physically harm women more and there is a risk that they will kill a woman. If they believed they could get away with it, they would have already murdered women to silence women.

  2. 70 year old woman, headbutted and repeatedly punched in Auckland has an eye injury and cracked skull.
    Multiple other injuries. A police report has been made to NZ police. We need to keep on them to follow through.
    Utter and complete arseholes.
    And the Lesbian Project!

  3. I was at this protest in Auckland. The trans rights activists were absolutely feral! They were violent. One of them punched a 70 year old lady. Giving her a black eye and a broken eye socket. Trans rights activists were calling us fascist, neo nazi and all these other names. They don't even know what a fascist is. It's not letting people speak. Trans rights activists were the fascist.

  4. is an hour-long livestream of the same Auckland, NZ counter protest filmed by a different person showing "the violent angry mob"

    KJK got her deserved NZ reception – did she forget NZ was the home of recently deceased Georgina Beyer, the worlds first transgender mayor and member of parliament, who was loved by her conservative rural community (she won 90% of the votes in her 2nd mayoral election, in her 2nd terms as both mayor and MP, her majorities increased) In 2004, Georgina Beyer stood up to a crowd of 8000 protesting theocrats and bigots, for hours, KJK doesn't even come close to GB's class and strength of character

    As of the most recent 2020 NZ election, there were more female political party leaders than male, there are 58 female members of the NZ parliament versus 62 male, NZ was the first country to enfranchise women, saying NZ women lack rights is a joke, KJK should take her women's rights campaign to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran if that is her passion

    Whose freedom of speech is more important, 1000s of NZ taxpayers, residents and citizens, or some hate-speaking foreigner who is in the country for a day and demanding massive police resources. If you want to want to hear KJK views, she has a YT channel with hours and hours of content that will make you feel good about beating up vulnerable minority communities – no one is stopping you

  5. The trouble with not releasing Audrey Hale's manifesto is that our imaginations will fill in the gaps. We know that Hale identified as male, so there seems to be some "trans" connection. If the authorities refuse to release the manifesto, many people will assume – rightly or wrongly – that there was some trans theme mentioned in it.

  6. Where were all these men identifying as women when women had no rights – no votes, rape within marriage was still legal and women could not keep any money they earned in marriage. Or when a male relative could institutionalise them on a whim>. No, they were certainly not claiming women-hood then. We women fought and died for these rights which they now want to claim for themselves and deny us women at the same time.

  7. The scenes at Albert Park Auckland were driven by the mainstream media and prominent politicians in New Zealand who conducted nothing less than a witch hunt against the Speak Up for Women organisation and KJK in particular. Lies were printed in the media and broadcast on NZ television news. Noone in the political sphere stood up for the rights of women to speak. Even the leader of the supposedly right of centre National Party Chris Luxon took aim at Kelly- Jay Keen and supported the violent trans activist mob. NZ is in a very dark place these days, sadly.

  8. The way Maria Maclaclan was treated by the court was disgusting. The judge was openly dismissing what had happened to her. They treated the case like it had been two women having a scuffle and not a young, much bigger man violently attacking a small, older woman.

  9. Normally when a particular community is targeted by a mass killing, the media and political leaders go out of their way to express their support and sympathies for that community. Ie ‘we stand with…..’

    Not in the case of the most recent US school shooting. Does anyone know why?

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