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  1. Great video. The more we try to work our way up to being reconciled – the more they will say, "more needs to be done". They can dish out to us as many conditions as they want, and we'll always be in the wrong, and if we say no to their increasing demands, we'll always be labelled racist. You can't win on their terms – the best thing to do is to ignore their terms and say no.

  2. Mate, once again the real news. Thank you. Between yourself, Rukshan and Avi we have news that’s true.
    Really looking forward to your episode about the forgiveness gathering and would also love to see more on our true history of Australia.
    One question that always comes to mind when reparations are being spoken about is where do we stop.
    England would be in line for huge payout considering they have been invaded by the Roman’s, west Germanic tribes, the Vikings, the Norman’s to name a few. That’s a lot of reparations.

  3. Why vote? They are going to cheat anyway and make it happen, Albo said he would do that, even thought what they propose already exists in the form of the NIAA or something like that. What if no one participates in this fraud? The government is not suppose to call a referendum, they can only be called by the people. The government is supposed to be neutral in a referendum. The government already spends $33 billion but it doesn't get to those who actually need it. This whole thing smells like a money laundering program.

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