‘Why Was Hunter Biden Chosen As The Subject Of This Scenario?’: Chuck Edwards Grills Ex-Twitter Exec

At a House Oversight Committee hearing last month, Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-NC) questioned ex-Twitter executive Yoel Roth about the Hunter Biden story suppression story.

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  1. "Thank you for your question. I have 5 PhDs, 10 Masters Degrees, I speak 17 languages, I make $5M/year working at one of the most powerful companies in the world…but to the best of my knowledge, I don't know anything and I'm a complete idiot."

    …and just like that, these people will walk away like nothing ever happened – no punishments of any kind.

  2. Why was Hunter Biden chosen as the subject of this scenario?

    That's easy to answer!

    Everyone else is in the party that initiated this hearing.
    So far it has been proven that Trump and his gang have repeatedly contacted Twitter to delete tweets they didn't like. It was proven that Twitter had subsequently adjusted their guidelines to make Donald Trump's xenophobic tweets compliant. It was proven that Biden had never contacted Twitter. One might think that this hearing was set up to badmouth the GOP. One might think that this hearing was set up to prove that Donald Trump, his White House and his administration violated the Constitution and the law. It's done very well here to prove all these points, but we've learned over the past few years that there will be no consequences in this banana republic.

  3. To the best of my recollection, I cannot recollect of my recollections, what was recollected during the recollection meetings with our recollection committee. Moreover, none of us here at this meeting recollect how often we grabbed our ankles, while we were humming "do that to me one more time…." and said that we could offer our spouses for the shtoinking we were getting from Hunter and Joe while their way with us. we should point out that when not grabbing our ankles, we were on our knees, having been provided with very comfortable knee pads provided my their spouses.

  4. Funny .. everybody goes hard at the man that’s at the executive force, but we need equality here and we need the women to be dragged a little bit more because it seems if you watch past videos the head honcho had a little bit more connections than she’s given on, and she’s avoiding, but she is the most guilty

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