Will Julian Assange ever be freed? | The Chris Hedges Report

Chris Hedges speaks with film producer and brother of Julian Assange, Gabriel Shipton, on his new film about his family’s journey to get Julian freed.

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  1. Assange is a scapegoat, yet he isn't spotless, vis a vis the Swedish Rape case that the authorities finally dropped due to not being able to get him into court – so in my view – the fair thing would be to free him with time served and immediately deport him to Australia where he is a citizen.

  2. we most give a NOEL FOR PEACE TO THIS MAN BUT HOW I REMEMBER MR , OBAMA TAKE THIS NOBEL FOR PEACE: ironi, tragic comedy of life…problem is fear, and how we do what is right if we are sceared? i hope police ,soldiers start to think and do what constitutine give us but constituatione is one ferytell,ilussion in every contry . nobody respect constitucione law.. 4,5 years in prison this is problem when we see this situation its normal to be sceard.. wher we are living?????

  3. On the comments on humanising Assange, perhaps that's required for the American audience but I don't imagine Australians who knew of him since the early days need any persuasion and have wished the best for him all the way along. Looking at how big tech rolled out, it becomes ever more apparent that he needed to be kept out of circulation.

  4. Considering the Type of people (Nazis) being backed and funded in Ukraine, I found it to be very interesting the date Patel chose to sign Julian's deportation 20th April 2022, the same date as the birthday of That "Austrian corporal" who led Germany in the 1930's and throughout WWII!!.

  5. I said it ten years ago and I'll stick by it: Julian Assange is a hero and he'll die in prison. I'm surprised he's held out this long.
    I never had any faith in the US justice system, but I thought the British judiciary still had some independence and adherence to the rule of law.
    I was wrong about that. All our heroes are dead or behind bars and all the criminals are roaming rich and free.

  6. Last week I wrote a letter to my US senator, Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) asking her to speak out about the illegal detention and state torture of Julian Assange. Several days later I received an email reply basically saying she had nothing to do with the case; not her concern. I called up her office yesterday and asked a staffer to pass along my comment that when it comes to human rights and torture that it is every legislator's responsibility. I asked her to write down and pass along to the senator that when it comes to confronting violation of human rights "Silence is consent and cowardice" and that Sen. Baldwin's cold silence is disgraceful and will be the number one issue in my decision whether or not to vote for her reelection in 2024.

    Sen. Baldwin is a gay member of the senate and led the recent fight to pass the congressional legislation on federal recognition of gay marriage. Apparently, when human rights affects her she can be an outspoken champion. When it comes to others, not so much. Truly disgraceful.

  7. Thank you again, Chirs for all your efforts to keep Julian's story alive all these years and Julian's brother, Gabriel Shifton today on your program. What an informative and heartfelt discussion. Furthermore, may all of us stand strong for Julian. Also, much love is being sent to all of Julian's family, his father, wife, children, brother, and friends. With the deepest appreciation and devotion to all.❤️🌏 Thank you Gabriel for this film you have made.
    Looking forward to seeing it.

  8. It’s beyond outrageous to have the animalistic and cruel British criminal system imprisoning a person in a maximum security prison system even when he has not been found guilty even within their so called justice system. They call themselves civilized. What a comical situation for them to claim they worry about human rights😮

  9. …no…
    it breaks my heart..but no. They will self implode to the last one before they let him go.
    Julian is a Political Prisoner..& guilty or not, they Never..Ever..let political prisoners go.
    …he is being made an Example of what anyone else who might consider standing Against them.

  10. In leadership discourse, the Great Man theory—an assertion that certain individuals, certain men, are gifts from God placed on earth to provide the lightening needed to uplift human existence—is associated mainly with Thomas Carlyle….and every other sane person on the planet.,, try to take comfort that Julian will go down in history and into eternity as a good man.

  11. All politicians and pundit journalists, heads of state and world Political leaders are Mafia Robbers, Prison guards, Torturers, Murderers, Warmongers and Criminals and Watchdogs of the inhuman Capitalist System!
    The US government, by financing and arming the Islamic terrorist groups, has transformed the Arab Spring Revolutions against despotic regimes in the Middle East since 2010 into chaos and nightmare for millions of freedom-seeking people.
    The history of the United States government, from the beginning to the present, has been full of oppressing its own working-class people, the massacre of indigenous people, enslavement and murdering of African-Americans, invasions, torture of noble people, bloodshed and mass murder, the coups plots and the support for despicable and despotic regimes against people all over the world!
    The US government and all American politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, along with their mercenary journalists, plotted throughout the shameful and criminal history of this government (the global arsenal) and the gendarmes of the capitalist world have mercilessly plundered people from other countries and impeded humanity from progress, civilization and knowledge. This regime of global bullying, in all parts of the world, has supported politically, militarily, and financially the most corrupt, reactionary and fascist parties, and has created political repression to suppress the socialist and progressive parties, and to torture, execute and massacre millions of innocent people around the world, the interests of the American capitalists and the world of capitals are the status quo and keep this upside down and the hellish world for the whole of humanity in order the capitalists can be fed more and more of the blood of the world working class.

  12. It will not end well.
    Robert Barnes has said that despite having a selected judge and a selected court and a selected jury if Julian gets to the US, the case would be thrown out.
    For that reason he will never be allowed to leave Belmarsh alive.
    The British system of justice is totally corrupt and bereft of any semblance of law. on any level.

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