Will NATO Fire The Immature Person In Charge Of Their Twitter Account?

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Written by Romanian TVee

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  1. "fighting with the Harkonnens"
    Baron Harkonnen canonically liked to fuck young boys. The Western elite certainly aren't fighting against that; although, they do have the Islamophilia of Dune.

    This is the corporate version of 'thoughts and prayers'. It would be non-inclusive to pray for someone, but we all worship these other fictional characters don't we? Now die for your governments financial interests and consume more media.
    I think the slew of fake accounts/tweets when Elon took over Twitter made people realise they could get away with saying some outrageous shit.

  2. Or the NATO poster reveals what is very common amongst these screeching "Russia is Hitler"- Ukraine flag wavers.
    They don't actually care about this at all, but see it as a chance to virtue signal, and view this conflict in a removed, fanciful version of a WW2 propaganda film.

  3. Why does NATO have a twitter account at all?? Am I so out of touch that I just don't get it. I have occasionally found twitter useful for encouraging good customer service when I had an issue because it's a public forum, but christ I think at least professional organisations ought to be "professional".

  4. Over 600 young Ukrainians die every single day in horrific conditions and pointless "hold the line" strategies while NATO posts cringe and even clickbait (it does this at least once a week btw, is is beyond abject).

    And not to mention the posts of the US ambassador to Aphganistan! That woman asks the Afghani people to celebrate BLM! Yes, after the US withdrawal and after the country has become the second Islamic Republic in the world!

    In my humble opinion, who ever goes to fight "for freedom" is either insane or a mercenary that only cares for money. I cannot believe that this people give the smallest rat's poo on people's lives.

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