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As the Federal Reserve reports a “successful” months-long digital dollar test, and 130 countries are now piloting or launching CBDCs, are we heading towards a future of ‘convenience’ at the cost of our freedom? #cbdc #money #crypto
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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. CBDC – is not money it's a slave coin. Unless Britcoin is based on Bitcoin then its worthless to the user. We need the reintroduction of the Bradley Pound in the UK with no interest payable to private entities. Each note physical note can be issued with its block chain no and would prevent banks from getting involved in the fractional reserve lending and money printing that keeps destroying the economy every ten years.

  2. If you're too dumb to figure it out on paper, where you have to experiment first to figure out if it will work, then you are probably too dumb to do it. The secret is, they already know exactly what they are doing, and have it planned out well into the future. So what's that end goal look like? China can tell you. How does the United States of the Global Communist Party sound to you? The good ol' USGCP welcomes you to America!

  3. This all makes so SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY! Where are the Heroes ? When do the good guys come back and shut this shit down ?!? This is like the birth of star wars, how COULD ANYONE be on the side of 'the empire' when they watch those movies !? what the hell do they think this globalist shit is ?!? omg…

  4. It's War on freedoms 🎉 well said again Russell, $$$$ money 💵 games , wow My view on War and Peace.
    Any symbol can be used for Good or Evil , money games are amazing in War times, its War on so many levels ..

    Sadly Sun Tzu knew, it's just how to rise people to kill each other by taking sides, In war its should be making your enemies not to fight not to destroy them

Its 21 Days To 1984

Its 21 Days To 1984!

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