Woke exhaustion. Wokeism is an industry of change that doesn’t really want you to change.

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Wokeism needs to be eradicated. It’s a disease that is consuming too much of our time with little to no benefit.

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Written by Call me Chato

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  1. This superbly crafted statement is both factual and sincere. It reflects the tenor of those of us that recognize the frailty of man and, yet, disappointment of seeing the weak among us fall into the snare of ideology-over-thinking. I feel bad for them as goodhearted people with bad ideas. They, on the other hand, see us as bad people with ideas… I fear the shift back to greater enlightenment and sanity will be fraught with painful encounters and soul-destroying revelations. Thank you for leaning your shoulder against the wall of idiocy. If we all push a little, it will tumble.

  2. I let NO ONE bring that “stolen land” up in my presence without demanding they show PROOF that they have signed over their land to a native tribe. Or show that they no longer pay rent for stolen land. And ask when they are going back to Europe? Otherwise it’s all BULLSHIT.

  3. I just sat through a work meeting yesterday, run by our female regional manager, and she almost pounded on the table insisting the DEI and ESG are not a fad and will continue. She then put some quote on a slide stating that ESG companies see better stock price appreciation than non-ESG companies….would love to see that 'study'. The insanity has borrowed very deep into corporate board rooms.

  4. This insanity has to stop. It's racist to call "racist" all people of a specific race, and sexist to call everyone of a specific gender "sexist". I didn't choose my race and gender, and I don't appreciate having them used against me. And I'm tired of companies thinking that they can get my business by scolding and lecturing me about things unrelated to their product. The whole point of diversity is not to get two of every Pokemon onto your Ark, but to not restrict yourself from hiring the best because of their arbitrary attributes.

  5. I really don't care if it's woke or not, I just want good TV shows back where every character didn't have to make a political point, and the bad guy doesn't have to be a rich white male. It's to the point where every time I watch a new show, I say "Is he white? Then he's the bad guy of the show" (looks at Willow.) It's annoying and has to stop.

  6. I think wokeism is great. Because my wife and I made a lot sacrifices, my children are going to a private school that focuses on academics. They even let us sit in on the classes without calling DHS on us. They set goals for reading, writing, and arithmetic every year. Not only do they meet those goals, they have far exceeded most of them. By 3rd grade my son was already reading at a modern Ivy League graduate degree level. Imagine the advantages my children will have over those otherkin children. It cost us about 13g a year for 2 kids, but man is it money well spent. Thanks Obama

  7. It's Dr. James Lindsay that helped me understand the woke mindset, which he identifies as neo-Marxism + postmodernism. Their goal is NOT to reach a certain vision of the future, but a constant revolution. They have faith that a utopia will emerge when the current culture is completely dismantled. It's entirely negative, nihilistic and destructive, and it's an urge for 'justice' that is never satisfied. When your goal is completely negative, only focused on deconstruction, it eventually must lead to insanity, as there are no objective standards to progress.

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