WOKE OR RACIST? NYU Hosts “Whites-Only” Seminar, w/ Aaron Sibarium | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. It's all based on essentialising "race", and claiming that different "races" have permanent, inherent propensities and biases. The talk about segregation to protect "blacks" is actually identical to the high-minded sounding blather in favour of Apartheid that came out of the South African Dutch Reformed Churches up until the 1960s. They were protecting the "culture" of the African peoples, they were piously respecting the boundaries created by God to preserve each "nation" and its God-given role and mission. As well as just academic over-reach and creating pmc jobs for themselves as "sensitivity trainers" and the like, this stuff also depends on a massive lack of historical memory, and of self-awareness. They've managed to re-invent the "white man's burden" as well as Christian-Nationalism, by a Hegelian double-inversion.

    My father, a former member of the SACP, taught me that racism is the belief that races exist, and racialism is the belief that there should be discrimination and social engineering on the basi of "race". There is no anti-racism that begins with essentialising "race"; that's a contradiction in terms, necessarily counter-productive, and this is the racialist outcome, belief in separating people and discrimination in how you address different people and what you should try to teach them, based on their skin tone.

  2. What embarrassing nonsense coming from a certain class of person who, giving the benefit of the doubt, likely are well meaning but whose ideas are so divisive, stupid and fundamentally counterproductive it's just breathtaking. They make a mockery of themselves.

  3. there are BLACK ONLY EVERYTHING – but I don't care I want to preserve my culture like these people

    but this WOKE hypocrisy is a mental illness. – deep down these people are bigger racists cause they think POCs are idiots, they have to protect them and make them act white cause they are too stupid to be white. send these white liberals to the Congo for dinner keep POC cultural diversity alive!

  4. Racism is not dead, but it is on life support — kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as 'racists'
    The word 'racism' is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a 'racist.'
    The sad and tragic fact is that the civil rights movement, despite its honorable and courageous past, has over the years degenerated into a demagogic hustle, promoting the mindless racism they once fought against.
    Although much of the media have their antennae out to pick up anything that might be construed as racism against blacks, they resolutely ignore even the most blatant racism by blacks against others.
    Even when black youth gangs target white strangers on the streets and spew out racial hatred as they batter them and rob them, mayors, police chiefs and the media tiptoe around their racism and many in the media either don't cover these stories or leave out the race and racism involved.
    Will YouTube, the ministry of truth let these profound statements stay up?
    From Thomas Sowell.
    During the Summer of Love *sarcasm the people popping off about the Marxist Group that was a money launder scheme said Thomas Sowell
    Here's their view

    But you right, "leftist policies". Do me a favor and google false equivalency, it’ll do you some good before you post again. And please for the love of god, don’t bring up Thomas Sowell in an intellectual conversation. That’s not where he belongs.
    Right I think they meant Write.
    But that's the mentality I dealt with on a sports site that bought all the nonsense. I was booted for being you know what!

  5. It makes sense for white people to have a seminar about how not to be racist, but seems like we’d want to have non white in charge of that. I worry about offending anybody who isn’t white at all times, even when I’m with other white people because most people I know have friend groups that look like the United Nations. It also turns out that non white people can handle shit just fine.🤦‍♀️

  6. It feels like people are nowadays about as confused as back in the days of the inquisition.
    If you take a bath, you are going against God, because all the shit that gets stuck to you is by God's will, right? Then comes the plague, and people start screaming "we've angered God! someone showered too much, let's find them and burn them!!"
    This is the same level of idiocy. Honestly.

  7. Racism is a form of tribalism, an evolved behavior that aided survival of the human species in prehistoric times. It is a caveman remanent that must be discarded after the enlightenment and the age of reason since we now understand that you must a judge a human as an individual not a clone member of a tribe. The humans that steadfastly cling to their tribalist dark urges and intuition are nothing less than a threat to advanced civilization.

  8. "and now if a boy wants to play with a doll, we tell him he's not really a boy he's a girl"
    Yeah that's not even remotely what happens, you lazy ignorant fool. Typically the kids themselves will start expressing that they are a boy/girl, and its only after a long time doing this that parents will take it seriously. You're acting like a girl picks up a GI Joe and the next day she's pumped full of hormones and told her name is Steve. That is a fantasy scenario and you really should know better.

  9. i eant to hold a seminar only for black people , an anti crime seminar so we can brake the cycle of criminal behavior and black children dont follow in their parents footsteps destroying american cities and seeing whites and asians as prey.

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Judge Stops Biden From Censoring – Corporate Media MELTS DOWN!

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