World Economic Forum CONSPIRACY Hiding in Plain Sight | Breaking Points

Krystal explains how many prominent conspiracy theories in the US are hiding in plain sight.

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  1. Describing the WEF as capitalists is not really correct. This is the problem with partisan lenses, one misses half the picture. The proposals coming out of the WEF are not free market at all. It's a glorious marriage of big business and big government into global authoritarian technocratic neo-feudalism. The worst parts of capitalism mixed with the worst parts of communism/socialism. What good does it do for us if those on the right only critique the WEF's socialist agenda, while those on the left only critique their capitalist agenda? They win while we point the fingers at each other. Divide and conquer at its finest.

  2. Those pushing Anti-ESG simply do not want gay people to exist and have a job. They want deregulated towns where corporations can dump their toxic waste and affecting all in the community. QUIT WITH YOUR BS just admit you hate minorities and call it a day.

  3. Nice try crystal. Until you openly admit to saying you was wrong about c/ and that the the s$h0ot”s turn out to be harming people Then we don’t want to hear it. I know you didn’t create the damn thing but you unknowingly convinced probably millions of people to sickness or worse.

  4. I hate the WEF, but breaking points bad mouthing free markets. Where are these free markets? Most markets are controlled by governments under the direction of big corporations and private equity firms. There is nothing free about our markets ask any small business person. Its been that way for decades.

  5. Davos enemy #1? Xi, Putin, the BRICS group. Whether you like this group, or not, association comes with no social strings – you don't have change policies toward women, LGBTetc or climate action. Indeed, if you don't have electricity and need financing for it – or a nuclear plant – say hello to Xi or Putin. The West is in trouble.

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