WSJ Admits Bakhmut Almost Cut Off, Russia Pushes Forward Vuhledar; US Military Wants End Ukraine War

WSJ Admits Bakhmut Almost Cut Off, Russia Pushes Forward Vuhledar; US Military Wants End Ukraine War, Focus on China
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    – Bakhmut 00:00

    – Ugledar 10:04

    – Zaporhizia 12:40

    – Western response to deteriorating situation 17:40

    – Britain army weakening 21:40

    – Ukraine a drain on the West 27:00

    – China massively benefited by US distraction WoT 29:30

    – US war with China by 2025 31:40

    – US overstretch in warp speed 37:00

    – China response 40:50

    – Impact on Europe 47:00

    – Ukraine Outlook 49:00

    – Scholz only voice of reason? 52:40

  2. So the US is planning to go to war with China while borrowing money from China to send to Ukraine. Surely China just needs to call in the US debt, the US and west would collapse in an instant. When will people wake up and realise that the US is a tyrant of an empire the worse kind of allie you could wish for. They had the power to bring peace to the world but have brought death and destruction instead

  3. The US warmonger don't stand a chance against China's 3million man military n the vast manpower for mobilization of it young population. Besides China has vast resources n a very efficient high end military industrial manufacturing capability far above the West The US bully will be decisively defeated bcuz it's logistical bases are remote n it's full of crap.

  4. The arrival of German tanks in Ukraine hardly occurs immediately after Scholz's public agreement to EVENTUALLY do so. Instead of carping about his (indisputably) astounding lack of political spine … why can't he instead simply say "I have reversed my decision, Germany will NOT send tanks to Ukraine"?

    What has he got to lose, besides his reputation as mewling US toady?

  5. Western nations are totally depraved societies with no future. Everything we believe has not the slightest correspondence with reality. Sex and sexuality, race, class, crime, genetics and heredity, law enforcement, war, environment, psychology; none of this has any proper relation with reality. Russia is not immune. People say that Russia is culturally different. It is not. Russian views are not especially divergent from American views. On the other hand, China and India dump bin trucks directly into rivers, out to the ocean.

    I would be feeling a pleasant contempt, except that children suffer to such a great deal.

  6. USA is a dangerous warmonger Attacking China will be a major defeat for USA !They risk that they will be hit hard if they these stupid American idiots who is seeking confrontation everywhere !New York and Washington will be destroyed ! It is. not wise of USA to confront China because of a stupid Island !It is not worth a war !

  7. I think we are fast approaching a point of no return in the general state of the world; politically the West already crossed it with Russia, but to my point we are either going to turn to our pitchforks and pull the people in power down from their tower of madness or we'll be dragged through oppression to conscription. The choice really is in our hands in at this point in time, you can either fight a war that neither side wants any part of on the say of a handful of frightened fools or you can banish said fools from their positions.
    Chances are if forcibly conscripted, those with battle experience are in the minority meaning you likely aren't coming home, and given the state of affairs and the itch to use CRBN's, chances are they'll be no home to return to.

  8. US military high command already stated -the conflict situation in Ukraine was "just a warm-up,for the Big One coming. With China". That war will not be the same ground war of attrition as that in Ukraine. The US is already at war with China indirectly,in the domaines of trade and economics,and particularly in the hitech industry from everything between smartphones to AI that uses advanced microchips. The US has choked off China's access to advanced semiconductors industry,to prevent China from obraining the most advanced microchips that can be used in military and AI development. The US already has/is arming Taiwan heavily,various $B weapons and munitions packages already have been made. The US is engineering mounting pressure and provocations and humiliation of China at the same time the US is in a military race in the Asia Pacific,bases from Japan down to the Phillipines and beyond. The US already has troops throughout on the ground,radars,and air defenses etc.

    The US war on China would be a naval and air one principally. The US military sees it is losing numerically it's military dominance at a fast rate,leaving only it's nuclear strategic subs as the deciding factor when either side loses the conventional war. This is why the US military knows it HAS to win the conventional war against China. China is under no allusions and fully understands this. What happens in Ukraine also affects what will happen with China. It is in China's advantage the US sinks deeper into the Ukraine conflict untill a direct clash with Russia. If Russia defeats Ukraine then it also defeats NATO,and of course -the US. That would set back the US plan to attack China in the immediate future.

    Unknown consequences from the Ukraine conflict could spill out too. Russia and China could cement a security pact,similar to the NATO one,where an attack against either by the US,would draw automatic reprisals from BOTH Russia and China together.

    Donald Rumsfield said " there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don't know we don't know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tends to be the difficult ones……"

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