Yellen WARNING! Japan’s Dumping of $240 billion in U.S. Treasuries may Trigger a U.S. debt Crisis.

JPMorgan Chase released a report on January 28 saying that the debt ceiling fight could be the most important issue facing the U.S. economy and U.S. national debt in 2023. This is because since the last U.S. subprime crisis, the U.S. financial system has become more and more dependent on debt. This time, the U.S. has more debt, higher interest rates, and a more divided Congress. The market may have seriously underestimated the risk of this US debt limit crisis.
In the immediate aftermath, Janet Yellen of the U.S. Treasury Department said on Jan. 29 that the U.S. debt default made her “nervous” and warned, “If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling this summer, the United States will face a catastrophic debt crisis that will lead to a spiraling recession. If there is a default, we will face a financial crisis.
U.S. financial website Zero Hedge analyzed in a follow-up report on Jan. 28 that Japan, the largest U.S. debtor, is not ruling out the possibility of reducing its U.S. debt position to 10% of the current total as a deterrent to the dollar. This suggests that Japan will continue to liquidate US Treasuries as long as the Federal Reserve does not stop raising interest rates. Japan, the biggest black swan of U.S. debt, is contributing to the historic U.S. debt collapse and the imminent first U.S. debt default.

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  1. Congratulations Japan! Perhaps you can begin to breath a little easier! Besides, people forget the multiple bombings, military occupiers, destructive tsunamis and Mr. Shinzo Abe's assassination just last July! The Us bully and friends must be put in their place. Just learning now how you gave america top quality brands like Toyota, Honda, and Roland to name a few, only to be given meaningless paper that is only backed by manipulation and usery. This dump was inevitable.

  2. The American dollar's real value is only a few cents now. It will happen something horrible for the US. America has been borrowing too much money to use in the wars. Americans ruined the credit reputation of the US dollar as a sanction weapon and the reserved dollar of Afghan was robbed by Americans, SWIFT money system was weaponized by Americans. America like a Mafia to gully the world.

  3. But we can send Trillions to corrupt Ukraine, where it will end up in oligarch pockets. Hypocrite Yellen criticized China for dumping dollars, but was silent on Japan dumping even more. We have no allies – just nations that are afraid of us. The minute the bully falters, the knives will be out.

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