You think China would allow Canadian law enforcement agencies to carry out policing in its country? | ‘It was in 2013, I believe, that Trudeau openly admitted his admiration for the basic dictatorship of China,’ said David Menzies.

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  1. i think we have more immigrant then REAL Canadian i feel helpless that our country went to shit .We want peace us Canadian but some immigrant want to make Canada like their origin country ….I think us Quebecker are the only one with the reputation of not liking stranger from anywhere because we are attack by our own English Canadian all the time i don't get the war between our government just make the fucking pipeline already us Quebecker we really don't give a shit! it will be really good for our economy to be more independent!

    most of my neighbors now are not even Canadian they all speak Spanish/Arab ONLY in my building and I'm in Quebec! That why we are so angry here! I understand why the Parisian are rude because they deal everyday with fucking tourist that don't give a shit about them the locals! They don't even try to live like us to learn our culture /history they just keep their old way that are from dangerous countries! they are erasing our history culture! Quebec is not supposed to be a melting pot! Canada is not supposed to be a fucking melting pot !

    I don't think the English Canadian realize on how much old vestige of the war is still intact here and they don't understand that we try to preserve what little we have left not only our own hate us, but we now have a bunch of immigrants that won't speak French and not even English here and are very aggressive with no manners and cries that they are the victim/minorities when they are fucking EVERYWHERE!!!!! stepping on us Canadian ! Plus, violent crime is on the rise and it not from us Quebecker all immigrant causing trouble!

Musk May Publish INTERNAL DOCS On Twitters Censorship Of Hunter

Musk May Publish INTERNAL DOCS On Twitter’s Censorship Of Hunter Biden Story: Batya & Robby React

COVID was the test the test proved that our rights

‘COVID was the test, the test proved that our rights were easily violated by the government’