YOU WERE RIGHT | Matt Taibbi Reveals SHOCKING Twitter Files

Yesterday I had the pleasure to speak with Matt Taibbi, who has been at the forefront of releasing The Twitter Files. He breaks down exactly what was happening within Twitter before Elon Musk purchased it on October 27, 2022. #twitter #elonmusk #twitterfiles

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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. If we are gonna make comparisons, Elon musk and mark Zuckerberg to be exact, mark Zuckerberg forgodssake is a lot like the polar opposite type of "business man" to Elon musk, I'm sure even mark has good intentions to begin with but I like to think Elon musk is the type to wanna go in there and find out what's going on because summing fishy in fact Elon musk I'm sure has said himself he's not a very good business person, too emotional but I think he's aight

  2. The most worrying thing of all is that SO MANY PEOPLE know about and care about a false Russian narrative about Donald Trump…….but peole don't know about Twitter…..and those who do, generally don't really care about it.

    THAT is the problem with the legacy media now. They decide what is a story and they decide who or what people will care about…….or be apathetic about.

  3. It's certainly the case on Youtube that certain accounts get amplified while others get minimised. The idea is once again manufactured consent in so far as certain types of comments get endowed with the illusion of popularity, which in turn shapes public perception. Conversely, it discourages ""disruptive"" voices of truth from speaking out as in effect they're placed in a little corner to mumble at themselves. I want a viable alternative to the platform.

  4. Hey fellas, you're all so fascinated when it comes to this exposure of this Leftist clique agenda that was being carried out by using the Twitter social media platform while you're continuing to ignore the much, much bigger news story that very well may have been the inspiration for this Twitter melodrama.
    Right now, we very obviously have, in my opinion, the blatant censorship/suppression of information when it comes to denying the reality of quantitative easing (QE) while keeping it hidden in plain sight with this subterfuge currently taking place by the means of some corrupt federal officials who are obviously colluding with these now few corrupt corporate news media execs who control all of the news output here in the U. S. What these people have been thus far successful in keeping from we the sheeple is that due to quantitative easing, QE3infinity, 2012, specifically, we do not actually have a national debt, but instead we only have a pretend national debt which, of course, also means that our federal deficit is totally irrelevant, and the reason these people are so desperately trying to keep this reality from we the sheeple is because when this truth is publicly acknowledged it will be the beginning of the end for the elitist status quo and these people are loath to allow that to happen. By the way gentlemen, this skullduggery on the part of these corrupt news media execs and these corrupt federal officials seems to have been the inspiration for this Leftist clique that used to work at Twitter. A kind of – 'if they can do it and get away with it, so can we' – type of mentality. Sin really does beget sin.
    The entire explanatory narrative on how and why quantitative easing works is called Equity Spending (YouTube) or ES, not to be confused with the more politically correct, Left leaning, in my opinion, inferior MMT explanatory narrative on QE spending.
    Then too, there is the quintessential one and only in the whole wide world literary contribution for explaining how and why quantitative easing works that uses a fictional novel format which storyline is fun to read while also being profoundly satisfying, even if I do say so myself, titled: Revised 2nd Edition "All About Equity Spending… With a Love Story". There is also a non-fictional Continuing Commentary section between chapters nineteen and twenty due to the uniqueness of the subject matter. P.O.O.F.O.O.S.I.E.

  5. Complete madness when the suppression of 1A is not considered a crime, or the fixing of election information through suppression on FB and Twitter is criminally ignored. But hey at least iNsUrReCTiOnIsTs went to jail for 6 months+ with no bail or hearings. And often falsified charges

  6. It's time to get rid of all theses parties in politics both sides of the coin support organisations corporations and industries both sides creates corruption sabotaging both sides lie both sides create the illusion that there for the people and both sides break laws rules and escape through loopholes that are designed never to punish them both sides supports crimmal punishments so there broken continuously for profiteering for jobs bonuses etc etc etc .
    We need a new system that's not built to consistently abuse and torture humans wildlife and environments on purpose.

  7. Surrounded by controlled op in the UK, you don't seem to have any big agenda Brand, just a popular fellow who wants to know wtf is going on same as any normal person, that's why i don't mind talking to ya… One big psi op in the UK is blood clots, got a bloke there from day one on bout it, some fake undertaker, O'Loony is his name, fake name taking the piss, well he got his exact counter part in the US basically reading of same script an it's important whatever these guys are trying to divert attention from, already caught em both lying an this is serious stuff so there should be zero need for any fibs, they're military… another guy in UK is John Oliver (think that's his name), he seems ok but that's just because he's so fucking good at what he does… whole GBN is Gov,, another guy is Hugo Talks, again, his agenda is so big and long to unfold it's hard to see it but i do… half these guys like Musk an Biden were honey trapped decades ago,,, Hunter Biden? man could be dead years for all we know, flipping Joe could be dead for all we know… last two videos i seen of Biden were green screen, one of them as clear as day, he was inserted in, him walking past about 20 people and not one of them even looked him or even made eye contact an you can see him clipping on it an if you want create your own green screen out of the film he's already got a outline cut out, it's a screen an not even very good, same with Hollywood, they're CGI is actually getting worse

  8. Russell, PLEASE do the investigation into the lock down of Oxford that will take place in 2024, where you are only allowed to go to certain areas within a 15min drive, any distance further, you will need permission. There is a meeting in Oxford regarding this in February 2023. If anyone can expose this, YOU CAN.

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