You Won’t Believe How Many Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck

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  1. Minimum wage in 1963 was $1.25. that's 5 silver quarters, which today, would is worth $22.15 (4.43 a pop). The debasement of our currency along with other demographic shifts in the labor market has destroyed the working class and enriched the oligarchs

  2. My guess is this is pretty much the standard amount of people in the United States live paycheck to paycheck. It doesn’t matter how much they make. They spend it all.

    This just means win 61% of these people have to start paying their student loans that’s directly gonna affect the economy

  3. My household income is nearly $300k pretax in California and I'm actually surprised anyone making under $50k isn't living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe seniors who bought their house 40 years ago and paid it off over a decade ago. Half my income goes to taxes (federal, social security, medicare, state, property, sales tax, other misc.) and then about $2k/month for childcare and then you've got insurance premiums, 401k, car payments, etc. House payments are easily $4-6k/month (principle, interest, tax, insurance) plus maintenance for a decent house unless you bought years ago (median home price in Cali is around $800k), worse now with higher mortgage rates. Utilities run around $600/month for cell phone, internet, water, sewage, garbage, electricity), car insurance, gas is nearly $6/gallon here and I have to commute pretty far to work. My pay checks are gone every month. I haven't a clue how people making $3k/month after taxes do it.

  4. I know… I know, past year around February, I traveled to Tampa and found people living in a car, young people. I serve people in NYC and listen to the stories of people.. immigrants, I see, people who live in a room, three adults, unable to pay rent.. it us not new.. it is getting worse… people who has two jobs, etc to make a survival living…

  5. Don’t forget all the US tax thresholds that aren’t inflation adjusted: Net Investment Income Tax, Obamacare wage surtax, home sale capital gains exclusion, and Social Security benefits tax.

    All of these have gone between 10 and 40 years without such adjustments. Medicare IRMAA surcharges are now inflation adjusted, but it wasn’t for its first 10 years.

  6. I agree George but it may be very probable that extreme pressure is being brought to bear on the Fed Reserve by other Central Banks and Governments to increase the pressure on interest rates to force Globalism and Bring down the standard of living of Americans because so many other country's peoples are jealous. Europe has long been jealous and been in a fight with American Banks to Out leverage Americans banks and Get greater returns somehow on the Chunnel and Other mega projects Like from Italy to Switzerland and Across to Denmark and High speed rail initiatives. This War has been going on for a long time and it is at its terminal point. The Demoncratic[sic] Controlled Federal reserve is causing the American Economy to Collapse into a Depression and Force the Great Reset and New World Order to placate the world to supposedly solve the crisis.

  7. The worrisome part about all this is really the reaction of the public at large. People are certainly not happy, and peasants with pitchforks can be a very persuasive thing. I don't mean persuasive in a good way, because I think what will happen is that government will start to come after anybody with savings. Right now they coming after people with income, but if you have money in the bank, or in any other, redistribution will not be your friend.


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