You won’t BELIEVE what HE KNEW

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Written by Doug In Exile

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  1. You weren't supposed to have non approved apps on government issued phones for years. This is just formalising it so disciplinary action can be taken easily rather than fumbling through the courts you Lil twanker. You really have no idea how government operates do you. Fascinating. Yet you Prattle on about it all the time.

  2. Trump received a lot of bias. I believe he was put there deliberately to receive a lot of bias and to provide the catalyst to division to prepare for the criminal and collusive global oligarchic coup (2020). If you want to take power illegally, put someone in power firstly who is full of arrogant ego, so full of personal vice, can so easily be criticised, provides for regular controversy and provides the easy lever to divide. Moreover, someone who isn’t as smart as he makes out.
    Trump was perfect for the job – wittingly or unwittingly (I believe unwittingly) he is the man who was duped into Operation Warpspeed and allowed a
    most criminal and evil oligarchic coup to happen under his watch. When he had the power to do something about this, he didn’t. He fueled them. However, to be fair to Trump, the rot in the US establishment runs so deep now for decades/ centuries that he could probably never win – even if was truly a genius (he isn’t). There is no solution via the careerist political party system and especially via the 2 parties which exist today. They both work for the same criminal beyond wealthy masters (evil psychopaths in some notable cases).

  3. Why is it that people don’t realise that all devices you have are spying on you , some one or some people have this huge interest in controlling every thing and person it can because they are hell bent on being a Globalist that owns every thing , but you won’t , they are telling us this at any given time and they are going not stop until we are in the position they want us , because they struct a deal with other being that they could be and what ever if. They gave all mine and your rights away ?!!,.
    They have been planing this for so long using the 24/7 hours a day entertainment scheme because it distracts you from realising your being groom to there narrative and Ideal utopia unbeknown because they can figure away if getting 98 percent of the population right where they want you .
    They don’t want happy , bright and busy tailed every day because your creators in your own right .
    The good lord made us in his image and like we do with children gave us all everything we needed only there some as we all know it about them and you can get stuff if your not on there page!!!, we need to stop these group of 2 percent from ruining the world with there destruction as that is what they want so Gaia came be there stolen planet hi Jack again and they did this a long time ago when the other good men walk the earth making a better place this group tried to get rid of there teaching and ways because it was a more honest way to live and every one got there share .
    The greedy ones have been using there historical histories to hide the real truth of man kind and who were are and what we could be ??!!.
    Until now where are at a huge position to turn the power back to every one and Gaia can show us how clever her planet really is and we can all find a true place in the universe and galaxy in all realms and dimensions.
    Be a part of the Federation that takes care of life forms instead of being taken care of .
    Some people want to depopulate us and blame it on climate change and all that implies , but the truth is we are being manipulated by them and others who think we should side borgs , AI in other words they want to take us and make us part machine for there own idealism , when we really are the best living computer ever !!.
    These people are guided by others in the greatness of space and the intelligence that is not only ours , there is much more . Avatar has shown us a different path forward but greed and violence is never far only that is not the whole planets I idea it is but a small group in human kind who have been manipulating the Mass media and the world news out let’s so they could control the stories and what they want you to know and at the same time make look like the whole world was agreeing to everything they wanted passing and us to do with out a fight or they would go back to the age old way of causing Wars to get what they planed.
    Here we are with the news lying and manipulating every thing in the world in the headlines of these people and we are just excepting all there narratives good and bad because they made sure they Own all rights to the Media and they could say anything and make you believe because they own the news desks and papers world wide and have Groomed the whole world into there way of thinking and tastes , fashion , the latest must haves ???!!.
    You won’t believe this at first but you will if you sit down and hand on heart ask yourself why we are in this position world wide and is it possible for us all to be trick in this manner ?!, then breathe in and out your nose for 2 to 3 minutes and ask yourself not any one else if this is on the money , then check out what happen why Orson Wells wrote a story on space invaders in the USA and when he told the story across America what happen and how it hit the head lines and people reactions were one of panic and they have use that panic and the pandemics to manipulate the populations for years and trick them out of the right educations , jobs , money , health and so much more , please ask yourself and the one and only true God because the other religions were made to keep control of the peoples indifferent Countries , the only religions that are true are those that don’t teach hate, harm , and lies on rewards in the after life , mainly Christian and budists I’m talking those who talk of love , unterstand if your bodies and life’s emotion and no War or control over another human being .
    If you are in control of and another that is not the teaching we our ancestors had in minded for us , but we have been hi jacked and manipulated with by another group of ET’s that they keep rubbishing and playing minded games with us knowing that there control world wide on the news out let’s are being played with to hurt people , confuse people , destroy them , cancel them or make them depending on who is trying to get there message across to us dumb humans because this group believes we are and that’s why they have gotten away with manipulating , and enslaving us all for so long and the good lord decided to put a stop to all that is happen across the world because he realise unlike the Israelites of the time of Moses we didn’t know we are enslaved to this group of 2 percent with there Yes men and women to make every thing like the are in charge and the world belongs to them ??!
    God knew that we had no idea that we were being played , but the Israelites knew they were the slaves of the Egyptians and they prayed for help and that’s where Moses came in , you can check this out , our supernatural God sorted it out and free them and he is back to do this same now because we unlike the Israelites didn’t know we have been enslaved or groom for many centuries , but now you know check it out yourself because you can and see that you are being lied to every day , untill a man called Donald frought back back against the false lies and work being down in the White House and world wide he could see it all and had access to it all that’s why they have chase him and done every thing they can , apart from one thing and he is protected think about it , it all adds up and God is warning you through Julie Green ministries

This changes everything

This changes everything…

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