If nuclear weapons falling from the sky don’t get you then the microplastics will. As a new study reveals the astonishing level of microplastic particles falling from the sky, research also shows the devastating impacts this is having on our ability to reproduce. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to buy a baby grown in a lab soon. Nothing to see here. #life #microplastics #lab

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Written by Russell Brand

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  1. Just discovered you online, like your stuff so far, so thank you…

    “The futuristic video that’s being widely shared on social media is the brainchild of Hashem Al-Ghaili, a producer and filmmaker with a background in molecular biology… Al-Ghaili says he uses his “background in science and technology to develop brand-new concepts”. He speaks of “imagining the future,” though some online have clearly mistaken his latest film as a real-life advert.” (Huffington Post)

    Perhaps you know this already, and we all know the potential of this is VERY real, but I thought I’d let viewers that don’t do follow up searching know it isn’t a real advert at this point. I did watch your whole video, so if you mention it somewhere, and I missed it, I apologize. The content in your video, for the most part, is very up to date and correct, but EctoLife isn’t currently real, functional, or even planned, at least not within the public eye.

  2. We allowed the psychopaths to rule over us from the earliest times. A gang of thugs comes to a village and demands part of their harvest each year, demands the pretties women as a tribute (the Ottomans did that in the Balkans) and that's how ordinary people were subjugated in the early stages of nation building. A gang of armed thugs goes from village to village extorting goodies from them. Eventually they meet another gang of thugs and a battle ensues. The winners subsume what's left of the losers and they take over the subjugated territory of those they just vanquished. Then it gets more sophisticated and rent collectors and tax collectors do their work with the gang of thugs on call if anyone gets uppity and tries to rebel. Then banks and accountants and legal decrees are made and the rulers call it ''civilisation''.

  3. The green agenda is surely seen as a positive thing by everyone, even if it causes disruption, at heart I expect nobody wants to destroy the planet. But it's the insane pace they are pushing all this, causing worldwide economic problems and putting people through severe hardships, and most of all the epic mega level of pure scaremongering and propaganda, that makes this all feel like complete bollox.

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