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YouTube Bans Australian Parliament Speech For First Time In History

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  1. We libertarians are planning to take over the world so we can leave you all alone! Love ya' Mate from the U. S. of A. Four BBBillion doses of Ivermectin? But that was all for horses, right? Did we do a Rip sleep and wake up in Alice's Wonderland? Legislatures and government leaders around the world (and especially the unelected leaders) should be given the Pfizer and Maderna vaccines, but let us choose the bottles. But only over concern for their health, wink, wink, if ya know what I mean? We love your speeches here. When will you be our President? We could use some sanity just about now.

  2. Youtube is involved in political censorship and dissemination of fake news up to its eyeballs. There are literally thousands of videos fomenting race hatred, complete with clearly false subscriber and viewer figures and fake "comments" with thousands of "likes". All fake and all impossible if YT executives were not fully involved. Banning is too good for them – they should be in a criminal court.

  3. And this speech was banned ? By a private company ?
    We can live without you tube and meta .
    Every Australian ought to listen . You may not agree but you can bring your side to the table and we'll discuss it . Banning, censoring or being shut down are not democratic and have no place at the table.

  4. About 31:00, as though capitalist-driven exploitation of countries didn't cause misery and megadeaths either. Oh please. Most wars are banker wars and oppresive regimes installed by capital to obtain resources on the cheap. They might say that the state was involved and that the noble capitalists only want the best for everyone (hmm, uhmm), but that is a fantasy and a denial of objective reality.

  5. Our own government is trying to kill and injury us with this poisonous provisional approved experimental drug. Those that refused the poison are continuing to be punished and prevented from working in jobs they love, such as nurses, doctors, medics and many others. Our government has is treasonous and has beca dictatorship. What they have done is against our lawful Commonwealth Constitution of 1901. We must sack the lot to stop the rot.

  6. Libertarians are blind in one spot…ethnicity.

    To the globalist normie Switzerland may appear to be multictural but the multiple cultures are ALL European (majority specifically of North Western heritage) and not only that each ethnicity has its own regional autonomous enclave where that culture is allowed full expression.

    Democracy, to paraphrase Aristotle, only works in homogenous populations. The landmass that forms the political entity called Switzerland is technically a amalgamation of 3 distinct homogenous regions with democratic independence. Ie race counts…as per the current viral video of the staunch xian Matt Walsh in which he makes no mention of his middle eastern dogma of choice as the foundation of Western Civilisation but states unequivocqlly that it is the result of cultural soul of the Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) peoples.

    As for Switz being neutral for centuries, it has to be quite well known by now that a certain industry has its base there and that there is a certain tribe universally acknowledged to be principally associated with that industry…therefore it is logical to follow then that the owners of this industry would have deep vested interest in protecting their assests from the ravages of victors by involving themselves in politics (or lobbying) for the neutrality of the 'nation' in which their industry is based.

    Libertarianism is a dead end for ethnic survival of the progenitors of Western Civilisation and the ones that preceded it.

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