YouTube Wants To Ban One of Only Black Leftist Channels

Lee delves into the controversy surrounding the prominent Black Leftist channel, as it faces mounting obstacles and potential censorship. #comedy #news #revolutionaryblackoutnetwork #censorship #leftist
Lee’s show is LIVE on Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturday at 3pm ET/ Noon PT. His new book, DANGEROUS IDEAS, is out! You can get it for free by joining at leecamp dot net. He’s one of the most censored comedians in America. Thanks for the support!

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  1. People with Dangerous Ideas – descendant of mitochondrial eve denying African ancestry & origin — making sure darkest brown to lightest pink-beige don't have a voice in OUR democracy – by using the Portuguese nword defamation black – discriminating against for all intents and purposes everyone without standing to maintain colonial government invented white identity for themselves as do west Asian African jews and christians who remember Zeus' mistress Europ in America – Wants to Ban mt-MRCA in RACIST stunt against fellow socialist MMA and all as aforesaid American citizens & human beings of African ancestry, descent, & origin

  2. That sucks about RBN they are one of my favorite channels. I hope they don’t get a 3rd strike.I follow them on Rumble. They are NOT the only black leftist channel though. Take BPM Black Power Media for example. Saying that is a pretty broad stroke Lee..
    Puma Nick😖??

  3. Youtube, CIA, NRO, DIA, FBI, NSA, etc. the more you try to censor the more you will lose control. Your country is collapsing the .01% you've sworn to protect are collapsing and will turn on you. What worth do you have in your own sense of heart, soul, and purpose while serving these .01% Scumbags?

  4. RBN is not the only Black leftist channel. There are many to be found if you take the time to look. It is the only one I’ve seen that humors white leftists like Dore, etc. tho, which likely has helped boost their views since white leftists tend to avoid left content that doesn’t center their voices. Black Power Media got shut down some months ago for a week or so but gratefully is still going strong, among others.

  5. This is unfortunate, and why YouTube should be a public platform. However, Black Power Media, Black, leftist, with uniquely dynamic content, has been suspended for it, was on YT before RBN, and is still providing activism, and unprecedented political education, as well. RBN is NOT "the only …"

  6. I'm a RBN sub and appreciate their commentary to the max.
    It's one of the very few truly left-wing news and analysis outlets.
    Their regular beat is ordinary electoral politics and YT channels that pretend to be left-wing but actually promote the approved, pro-war, anti-democratic, reactionary mass line.

  7. The United States Patriot Freedom Act pretty much mothballed the Constitution of the United States of America. No longer are rights such as freedom of press, speech, address and assembly are tolerated by the public servants who hold office, they have been criminalized and held up by the Supreme Court of the United States of America. The corporate capture of the United States government by BlackRock is absolute and complete. A corporate Mafia controls the United States government.

  8. The Great Pretend Game! Why are "BROWN SKIN" people called, BLACK? Europeans PRETEND to be, so-called WHITE?

    We versus THEM? – CASTE SYSTEM

    Just think, this was 2023, and we continue to allow ourselves to be brainwashed, to call ourselves and others, "black" and "white," when neither are actually those colors. It's all make believe to create divides and peg people against each other. It's NO coincidence that Europeans or European Americans are so-called, "white" and Africans, or African Americans have to pretend to be, so-called, "black." There is "ZERO SCIENCE INVOLVED" and clearly not based on actual appearance. The wealthy rulers created the concept for their benefit. Divide and conquer.

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