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Youtuber’s Life in Danger

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This is the greatest australian reporter of All Time
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Written by penguinz0

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  1. Seems to be some sort of thugs under someones employ ,via a long line of channels. A guy that knows a guy who works with a guy who is the uncle of the son, Bla Bla Bla, so "I"couldn't "Have" know "that person" "Personally", sort of thing.

    Lots of air quotes cause of the slight of hand style stuff at play.

  2. To be honest, the last thing FriendlyJordies needs is a spotlight given from a high numbered subscribe YouTuber … the guy is already egotistical enough, but his following is too big that anything close to a negative constructive comment will upset the fanbase..

  3. Jordie is a national treasure in our country with a terribly bias media mafia. He has not only done absolutely amazing investigative journalism but also highlighted other journalist that do great work as well. In a landscape where you feel like shredding every newspaper at a cafe and throwing your shoe at the TV. We definitely are lucky to have him and others that fight the good fight.

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