Zelensky Says Chinese Interference In Russia-Ukraine War Would Cause WORLD WAR III: Report

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss President Biden’s meeting with the Bucharest Nine while in Europe. #biden #bucharest #ukraine

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  1. How hypocritical and just downright arrogant Stoltenberg and his band of merry politicians are. They are talking about arms control while flooding Ukraine with weapons as well as not honouring agreements like the Minsk agreement and Russia is now meant to believe the west will honour their agreements. These people are truly delusional. I’m sure Russia and China look on from afar and ask themselves are these people schizophrenic.

  2. Don’t believe any of this nonsense. The USA wanted out of the nuclear treaties as well as Russia for several years now.

    Both the USA & Russia have been frustrated that since China has zero desire to be transparent or limit its nukes, this only hurt America and Russias deterrence compared to China if they didn’t end the treaties……

    This is welcomed by both nations. Of course they’ll say we are upset yada, yada… but it’s what they both really wanted and even said so a few years back.

    While I sympathize with Ukraine. It is NOT a USA national threat. It’s not even in nato or the EU. If the west drags us into a nuclear war or war period. It’s because they always planned too do this.

  3. A little lost how zelensky can easily say if china steps in it can cause world war 3. Number one he is not part of NATO. Number 2 so he thinks its morally right to speak in behalf of the US based of zelenskys personal matters? The US is providing you with weapons so please do not make that allegations about World War 3. I say if Zelensky has this backwards we are only providing assistance. Not for him to boast and try to escalate situations by saying it in such a way to threaten China.

  4. It's all quite similar to the lead up to the Iraq invasion, in which all sorts of international laws thought to be immutable were tossed. In effect they invented a reason to invade Iraq, they flat out lied. Now that was the Israel lobby, the neocons. Bush just read out his lines as did Tony Blair in the UK. A UN weapons inspector was murdered because he knew there were no WMD's. US Generals could not for the life of them figure out why they were going after Saddam Hussein. In the end the West was completely untouched, other than Europe had to deal with millions of refugees. This time the consequences for the world do not bear thinking about.

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