Zelensky Skimmed $400 Million In U.S. War Funds! Reveals Seymour Hersh

It’s long been established that corruption is a rampant issue in Ukraine, and that continues to this day as hundreds of billions of dollars flood into the country to fuel the war against Russia. Now journalist Seymour Hersh is revealing that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been purchasing Russian oil with American dollars and then skimming some off the top for himself.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the bizarre morass of corruption swirling around Zelensky.

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  1. 4chan called this wayyyy in advance. Suddenly Ukraine corruption is a problem? They're smearing zelenskyy and they're gonna scapegoat him, and the west is gonna facilitate transfer of ownership of all that land it wanted. The u.s. gets to broker peace, putin gets his land, the u.s. doesn't have to compete with the pipeline they blew up, and everything goes back to relative normality. Like none of it ever happened

    All funded with u.s. taxpayer money. Why aren't all the slaves currently living in the United States of America throwing off their tyrannical government with all those guns?

  2. I didn't listen to everything that you said yet but I'm saying if I was dolinski he better have 400 million dollars won the war doesn't work out and he's got to get the f*** out of Dodge, but honestly I expect them to take some money so they could get away and go to different country and be free,

  3. What killed me is at the time I was talking to Trump and they took his basically good conversation and turned it around, Darren teaching him once he inquired about the Ukraine, they have so much corruption that they panicked and impeach them out of a perfectly good conversation

  4. All transactions are run through front companies. Supplies are bought via [insert company name], paid by the US at an inflated rate. The diesel sourced in Russia is sold on the "open" market, where it is procured by an Intermediary company. Then, the diesel is sold on to Ukraine. Everyone in the process gets a nice cut of the deal, and the war is prolonged to ensure more money is made, and weapons suppliers get more contracts. The real corruption takes place at a basic level. Paying too much for diesel, for uniforms, for food, for all the things needed to supply an army in the field. Wouldn't surprise me if they were skimming money off the price of body bags.

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