Zelensky Threatened w/ DEATH If He Negotiated With Russia!

Something all the propagandized Americans demanding continued war in Ukraine might not know about their war hero, Volodymyr Zelensky, is that he was swept into office on the promise that he’d make peace in the Donbas. Except his American benefactors didn’t want to negotiate with Russia, nor did the neo-Nazi extremists doing the bulk of the fighting in Eastern Ukraine – in fact they told Zelensky he’d be signing his death warrant if he talked to Putin – so the only outcome was war and now that’s what we’ve got in Ukraine with no end in sight.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how Ukraine’s peace candidate became a leading figure driving the globe toward World War III.

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  1. Mr. Z was NATO's choice for fake peace candidate. His real role is a WWIII grifter. He's the shallow fraud who is a copy of the shallow frauds of every single NATO fake "liberal democracy" that is attacking our rights everywhere…and the Washington Post, you do know that it is a CIA rag, right?

  2. Recently, both Denmark and Finland's prime ministers admitted that the war in Ukraine is not about Ukraine, but a "Global War of Values" in which the Russian Federation, according to maps found in the office of the Ukrainian military intelligence service, is planned to be crushed once and for all and its territory is divided up and distributed to NATO members.

  3. It is becoming clearer every day that if the arms and money are shut off, peace talks begin in 48 hours. The only end to this conflict are peace talks and compromise on both sides. Ultimatums, demands, ideologies, military aid, will not end this war but escalate it. War is horrible, sometimes necessary, but horrible nonetheless. I mourn for all those killed and injured. Let's shut the money spigot off and start peace talks. God Bless and God Bless America.

  4. If zelensky was a hostage to racist ukrainian nationalists he would of stayed in America he is a victim to the poisonous ideology of zionism which bidens cabinet is 75% owned!! You can't say kolominsky the prime minister an oligarch kicked out of Russia by putin is a victim!! Also, seven governors in ukrain are zionists! fact!!

  5. Guys, sorry but you are naive. Zelensky lied his way to win the election. His handlers knew exactly what to promise to get him in power. His main campaign sponsor was the Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoysky who owned 1/3 or Ukraine including banks. This "election" was just another show staged by US to install someone willing to do whatever for a paycheck. Zelensky never cared about Ukraine and its people. He is there to serve the Biden gang interests and now he sacrifices people to fight for their assets in Ukraine. This country had been sold out to western corporation long time ago including Donbass region with coal mines and endless farmlands and South with sea ports. Zelensky is there to fight for western elite investments which will be lost in case Russia succeeds to kick out the US presence for good.

Don Lemon really doesnt want you to see this

Don Lemon really doesn’t want you to see this!!! 😂😂😂

Is The US REALLY Pulling Out Of SYRIA

Is The U.S. REALLY Pulling Out Of SYRIA?